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my pet like it

aniotoにより Oct 07, 2012 に掲載

Using it for washing my guinea pig Linux. He like taking bath with this soap, any discomfort. One of this soap bar is enough for all his life :) Going to buy another piece for my mom's dog.


No Allergic reactions - Just soft coat!

coconutにより Jul 05, 2012 に掲載

I was buying $11 bottles of hypo-allergenic shampoo from veterinarian - and it didn't work well! I am so HAPPY that I discovered this product. This soap suds/lathers well, does not have an overpowering scent and leaves my dog's coat shiny and soft. I waited about a week after washing my 3 dogs to do this review and my dogs have not broken out and they are not itching/scratching. I definitely recommend! There are no chemicals - just natural ingredients that will be gentle on your dog and your hands.


Best Pet-soap ever!

Reviewer2955824により May 05, 2015 に掲載

I have a wirehaired dog and have always found it difficult to distribute the shampoo so it foams throughout the the entire coat. To achieve this I have had to use a lot of product. What a difference this soap made. Just wet coat and rub soap over the entire body. Easy to distribute throughout the coat and foams easily and much. It was not really necessary with a second round. The result was a spotlessly clean and soft coat, and my highly allergic dog has not scratched, but have been happy and satisfied, so this soap has certainly done well for his delicate skin. We have found our soap - and it's going to last long!


Wonderful product!

4680414554812453216により Jun 10, 2015 に掲載

My dog's coat is shiny like it has never been before


Great buy

anntarinoにより Nov 19, 2013 に掲載

Great price, great soap, great everything. No allergies, not a scratch after the bath, the dog is all white, shiny and soft. Smells natural and lathers really good. No need for second application.


very good

Reviewer1472835により Mar 24, 2015 に掲載

my dog like it!


Muy suave

5478952281598927021により Mar 08, 2014 に掲載

Limpia con cuidado el pelo de mi perro (pelo corto) y huele muy bien.


BEST pet soap bar!

5746278040938762961により Jan 23, 2015 に掲載

This is the best pet soap you can find on the market. Raw goat milk, olive oil, raw honey, all natural goodies with no chemical whatsoever! My pup's fur is so soft and smell nice after using it! Love it. It's so gentle for both the pet and your skin too! Will definitely purchase more!


Cheap, Good and cure itch

5763432518172325548により Nov 10, 2015 に掲載

my dog have yeast problems and constantly itch. the redness and itchiness reduce 70% after one wash with significant reduction in dendrite. I am looking forward to using more.


a bit too soft

5341293336078409574により Jun 03, 2015 に掲載

a bit too soft


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