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This product Is The Most Cost Effective Tableted Yerba Mate Supplement

Reviewer1425851により Mar 04, 2008 に掲載

I am more interested in the methylxanthine coctail and Mao-B inhibiting chemicals in Yerba Mate, then it's potential as an antioxidant. This preparation, having 48mg of caffeine per pill, is pleasantly stimulating. Pay attention to how you respond to various dosage levels over time. Less caffeine with this preparation than with a pure caffeine pill is required to cause agitation and dysphoric panic. The same thing can happen to people who take more Mao-B inhibiting medication than they ought to, like l-deprenyl. Another possibility is that there is a clinically significant amount of theophylline in this preparation synergizing with the other ingredients.


More Energy

Reviewer1235063により Nov 27, 2010 に掲載

Like other other reviews, Yerba Mate Tablets give me more energy without jittery or headaches. It lasts for few hours and I space out 3 pills a day. I also try not to take them after 3 PM. This product is one of my highly recommended supplements.


Not Sure

Reviewer2609712により Mar 19, 2008 に掲載

I stopped using this product after realizing how much caffiene it contains because I have to reduce and eliminate my caffiene intake. It comes highly recommended in the weight loss regimen for those who can stand to have caffiene in their diet. Its has alot of hidden benefits like appetite suppressant, cleanses the blood, stimulates the mind and fights aging, fights free radicals and more, so research it more to see if it fits what you need because if it had no caffiene I would surely be taking it.


John from Toronto Canada

Reviewer2931005により May 06, 2008 に掲載

When you take this with cocolate this acts like a stimulant, and if you eat your favourite cheese product Yerba Mate has a calming effect that is great for sleeping.


good stuff

Reviewer2175696により Mar 30, 2010 に掲載

if it weren't for this product I would be asleep at work all day!


Yerba Mate in tablets

Reviewer3209535により Dec 15, 2011 に掲載

A very good product, very good and more healthy stimulant than cafeine and now offered in the form of a tablet, so convenient when the time we have left doesn't allow the preparation for an infusion. Either taken under its tablet form or as a tee, the result is the same. I give five stars (5/5) to this product.



Reviewer1974576により Dec 31, 2010 に掲載

I can't live without my Mate' anymore. and to know I don't have to go through the elaborate brewing is perfect. It keeps me going without the wired feeling of coffee And it's so good for you!


good coffee substitute

Reviewer1478401により Apr 27, 2008 に掲載

a great alternative to a morning cup of coffee...caffiene boost without jitters



Reviewer2250298により Oct 09, 2008 に掲載

This stuff is great!


Great Product

Reviewer3317133により Oct 14, 2013 に掲載

This is a great product. I have taken it in the past and am re-ordering after not taking it for almost a year. Without it I find that I drink more caffeinated drinks instead of water. Although it does contain caffeine, I found that taking the Yerba Mate tablets actually helps me reduce the overall amount of caffeine I take in per day. I am hypothyroid and too much caffeine is not good, these help to reduce fatigue. I recommend this product.


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