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May have side effects

5575269750025333859により Sep 20, 2013 に掲載

I decided to try Solgar in sread of Artra i've taken before. The same Hondroitin & Glukosamine, but with hualoranic acid and collagen, Artra lacks. It should be said that Arta is nor a supplement, but a normal medicine propelly tested clinically with normal description. And iit is clearly stated in all Hondroitin medicine descriprions that certiain side effects may occure. Different problems and even pains in stomach and gut , vertigo, etc.... Since the main active components in Solgar are the same - the side effects should be the same.. I can testify that Hondroitin definitely rises gastric acidity and therefore leads to discomfort and even pain if your acicity is increaed already. If it is normal or decreased, then you will not feel this effect probably. This is the main issue with all supplements - subject of side effects is avoided, while some of them , like supplements with Hondroitin or with vitamin E may cause serious disfunctions, if consumed without checking with physician. On a bright side - my knees feel better. only the pills should be taken for up to 6 months for them to work properly. at list my doctor prescibed 5 months in combination with other treatment. As for how my skin is affected by hyaluronaic acid - it seems the skin has become slightly more moisturised. To summarise the above - it seems that Solgar is not worse than regular similar medicine. However i would strongly advise against practicing autotherapy if you are not sure about your diagnosis and/ or take other suplplements or medicine.


Effective product

Reviewer1654462により Sep 11, 2012 に掲載

I have arthritis and severe scoliosis that pinches the nerves to my legs and often causes quite a bit of pain. This product combined with phosphatidyl choline complex (Country Life) caps helps lubricate my joints and alleviate the pain, so I take both daily. I've tried other brands that contain similar ingredients (glucosamine, chondroitin, etc.), but none have been as effective as Solgar's product. I would recommend this for anyone with arthritic pain in their joints.


The best

Reviewer2305362により Oct 17, 2012 に掲載

After trying a few others we went back to Solgar. My husband gets great relief in knees and joints.


See the difference when stop taking for a short period .

BIZ254により Jul 01, 2015 に掲載

Great supplement for my parents . I have chosen this because of its well-balanced rich compositions . Previously tried to switch to an alternative brand from my local drugstore for my parents when this ran out. They feel the difference when stop taking this as they still get pain attacks every now and then when on the other brand versus this which they don't get any pain attacks at all.


Συνδυάστε και κερδίστε

eftihisにより Aug 08, 2014 に掲載

Έχει πολύ υψηλά συστατικά συν το HYALURONIC ACID σε σχέση με άλλα. Συμπληρώνεται και παίρνουμε κορυφαίο αποτέλεσμα με Nature's Life, Tart Cherry, 1,200 mg, 30 Tablets και Doctor's Best, Celadrin, 500 mg, 90 Capsules


Thanks Solgar

Soundoloveにより Feb 17, 2015 に掲載

I had a disc surgery and was using other products which DISH TO NAME BUT AFTER USING THIS IT HELPED RECOVERY.


Excellent product

5327049787892046809により Apr 08, 2015 に掲載

A fantastic product, a marked improvement in the knee after the use of 45 days, I bought another amount


a good one!

Reviewer1920050により May 06, 2014 に掲載

My sister is taking it with Boswellia and she seems to have a relief from her terrible back pain.


product is as description, fast shipping

4712499748861838961により Oct 07, 2013 に掲載

fast shipping



5608389131064067402により Feb 20, 2014 に掲載

the best


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