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Krill oil is a hyped product with inadequate research

Reviewer3343479により Jul 14, 2010 に掲載

I have tried krill oil several times. It does the following things in a dose-dependent pattern: - Raises my heart rate after a few days - Causes mild discomfort in lower digestive tract - Is kind of invigorating for a few hours - this is because of the choline content. Claims are made that krill oil is absorbed better than fish oil, but there is no evidence to support this. The amount of astaxanthin in krill oil is trivial. One company, Neptune, is behind the push. I eventually gave up on it and returned to the excellent products made by Minami (available here at iherb) and OmegaBrite.


Bought same product twice

Reviewer2529811により May 29, 2011 に掲載

I have some hesitations as far as the packaging or the softgels themselves are concerned. I bought the 1,000mg before, and one of the bottles I had to dispose of it half way through. It became very smelly. Had some heavy fishy smell.The other bottle was fine. I thought maybe one softgel got damaged. Also, the one I bought this time. The first bottle I opened, has the same smell. I keep it in the fridge. Same the turmeric I bought last time in this brand had some powder in the container, probably the capsules were not very well made. There is definitely something wrong with the packaging, and the manufacturer should be advised.


Nice souce of omega 3

5450936385665030050により Mar 07, 2015 に掲載

I do prefer Megared though, i have bought two bottles of Now Krill oil, and then switched back to Megared, these sometimes have a funny smell, wich megared never has.


Not sure what it did/does...

Reviewer1848931により Jan 26, 2011 に掲載

I did get this, but opted to get the Solgar Gel Fish Oil capsules and take that instead. More of the good things in that then this...I know the fish oils really thin out my blood. If overdo it I get a lot of bruising on my skin. So that is my indicator to lower the amount when that happens... I am sure this is a good alternative to the big horse gel caps, but in my case I really need the extra power of the Solgar brand that isn't Krill.


This tastes horrible.

Reviewer1094013により Nov 18, 2008 に掲載

This has the worse after taste ever. I have stopped taking it.



4622715809079163433により Jun 25, 2016 に掲載

The product has a really bad fishy smell.


more energy, but Restless sleep

HealthandBeautyGirlにより Feb 04, 2014 に掲載

I have always taken fish oils and asthaxanthin with no side effects. I decided to try Krill oil based on all the great reviews. I took 1 a day in the am and definitely noted more energy, I usually don't have any noticeable effects like this when I try new supplements. I was happy with this, but my sleep was very restless! As soon as I stopped the Krill my sleep went back to usual.


Krill Oil

Reviewer1811886により Mar 20, 2009 に掲載

This product energy-tested low for me, so I will give it to a friend instead of using it.


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