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  • Jarrow Formulas uses exclusively the Tryptopure brand of Tryptophan, manufactured by Ajinomoto of Japan.
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    レビュー | 英語

    Better than I expected

    Reviewer3186500により Mar 19, 2016 に掲載

    For me, ir more potent than I thought it could be. one pill, and go to sleep. It helps on headaches.


    Doesn't work!

    5311742311727924689により Jun 04, 2015 に掲載

    Doesn't make you sleep better, waste of money!


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    Really worked for me

    Reviewer2235337により Apr 12, 2015 に掲載

    Yes this did make me sleepy, also dizzy, so I need to make sure I am in bed for the night and try not to even have a bathroom break..


    Really helps with sleep

    Reviewer1511885により Dec 12, 2014 に掲載

    really helps you sleep! It does cause you to have really weird and vivid dreams but it's so worth it for the deeper sleep you'll get.


    The sleeper

    5452316239914227539により May 12, 2014 に掲載

    Gives a great nights sleep without feeling drowsy in the morning


    safe & effective

    alloriginalにより Feb 19, 2014 に掲載

    By increasing seratonin levels in the brain, L-Tryptophan is a safe and effective aid for sleeping and mild depression. It is best used at bedtime on an empty stomach, preferably with a small serving of carbohydrates (I take a sip of orange juice). Start with one per night and work up to three if necessary. Click my user name (alloriginal) to access dozens of helpful reviews!


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    4612043189510715944により Dec 02, 2013 に掲載



    even better sleep, improved mood

    may291により Apr 27, 2012 に掲載

    Was suggested to me by my health care practitioner. I took one at bedtime each night. Even though I don't have a problem sleeping, sleep felt even a little more restful, and good for mood - depression and anxiety. I used this and Source Naturals brand, both were good.


    I love these

    seancollinsにより Feb 24, 2012 に掲載

    They help me fall asleep. The raised levels of serotonin help reduce all sorts of my typical negative behaviors. I don't constantly crave snacks, my mood is generally positive, I don't have mood swings. I handle stress much better, but that might be because I take them in conjunction with the B-Right. But the snack cravings are a really great plus to having a good balance of serotonin.


    One of the Best Tryptophan products on the Market!!

    Reviewer2038082により Feb 02, 2012 に掲載

    I have used Tryptophan for years and Jarrow is one of the best brands I have used! Ajinomoto is the company to look for! I tried a less expensive brand with another type of Tryptophan and was not nearly as happy with it as I am with this product. Just so people know Tryptophan is a pre-curser to Melatonin. If you take B-6 with Tryptophan and some juice or sugar it will convert to seratonin and finally to melatonin. Tryptophan is used for sleep aid, depression, and pain relief. As odd as it may sound Tryptophan does help reduce pain, can help lower the incidence of Migraines as well. The dose depends on the person. For me, 3 work great. I have tried Melatonin with Tryptophan and it makes me too drowsy the next day. This is a wonderful product delivered the next day!! Thanks iherb!!


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