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Great product and NOT over-priced...

Reviewer2805204により 3 15, 2011 に掲載

This shampoo works well but the bar is quite small for the price. I probably won't order again. UPDATE: Bar seemed small but it lasted 4 1/2 months! And my hair looks great, I am reordering immediately! btw, iherb is one of the best places to shop on the internet. I've been ordering fromthem


very disappointed

tealeafにより 3 16, 2011 に掲載

This shampoo made my hair look dirty, stringy and greasy! It left a terrible sticky feeling. I got this only due to the many positive ratings so I felt compelled to share my experience. I used it twice and will never touch it again. I have very soft, healthy looking hair and this stuff made it look just awful.


good for damaged hair

Reviewer2401029により 5 16, 2009 に掲載

I have long curly hair and I occasionally heat style. My hair gets damaged very easily. Ive tried expensive products and conditioners like Ojan but as it turns out, that stuff has silicone. I recently went cone free, alcohol free,and sulfate free. Turns out, all that jumk was intensifying the damage. So I read about this stuff on makeup alley and ordered it...such a great price! wet the bar and rub gently and repeatedly on your head. It lathers up so much better than the other sulfate free products I was using. My hair is soft and bouncy...AND shiny! The damage is way down,I condition my hair with pure jojoba oil, or a combination of that, olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. have to lather rinse repeat to get that out but my hair is so much stronger and healthier. No one should spend money on overpriced salon products that dont work. This stuff is great.


The best shampoo found in 52 years

Reviewer3059913により 6 23, 2011 に掲載

I'll never buy a bottle of shampoo again! Even the supposedly natural ones are full of nasty chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. This is completely natural, lathers well and gets your hair super clean. Highly recommended! Thanks to Iherb for carrying this.



Reviewer3112136により 3 20, 2009 に掲載

My daughter and I both have thick long hair. This is the best shampoo we have ever used. And by using this we can eliminate our normal conditioning step.


JR Liggetts

Reviewer1959352により 11 12, 2009 に掲載

Possibly the best and multi-useful beauty product I've ever used. Leaves your whole body and face clean and soft - I no longer use handcream or any body lotions - you feel great about eliminating all the packaging involved in all of those products. I've had superb results in friends/relatives' homes with it as a shampoo, but unfortunately the water where I live is so hard and full of chemicals that I just can't get it to lather or rinse. Have tried adding baking soda, lemon and cider vinegar to the rinse, to no avail. I'm going to try collecting rain water and see if I can manage with that. Really hope I do - the results I got elsewhere with soft water were outstanding - soft wavy hair with no need to blow dry or straighten.


Excellent No Fragrance Liggett Bar

Reviewer2237173により 8 10, 2011 に掲載

Having been a user of Liggett's shampoo bars in the past, I am now returning to it and find it has improved tremendously with the addition of more types of oils and being basically fragrance free. Washes much better and lather is great now. It beats any liquid shampoo and you are not paying for water - just your own anyway. I have long hair and it works great, you do not have to have short hair for this.



5102876181893728573により 5 29, 2015 に掲載



The Best

Reviewer1889960により 9 22, 2008 に掲載

A great long lasting shampoo! Not messy and lathers well and rinses well. Easier than a bottle and less waste as well as one less bottle in a landfill!


Love It

HealthyGuyにより 6 25, 2010 に掲載

This bar shampoo makes all my scalp problems disappear. It's awesome!


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