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Relieved Chronic Fatigue

Reviewer1990022により Apr 15, 2010 に掲載

I have no idea how this product works and I love it. A medical intuitive proscribed this for me years ago. I was taking maybe 20-25 pellets three times a day along with their Biochemic Phosphates in similar quantities to help with depletion. I also started drinking a lot of spring water, as recommended. Very quickly, I felt the chronic fatigue symptoms were relieved. I still like to take it sometimes and always have some on hand. Kind of a magical product for me.


great product

Reviewer2761412により Feb 02, 2011 に掲載

I used to have tightness in my hand in the morning after I played tennis previous day. I started taking these after reading about general benefits of keeping all the salts in balance and this worked awesome. I do not have to shake my hand to get me going anymore and I only take once a day 4 tablets. I am 45 active guy so I will take these for ever as salt balance is very important plus always avoid table salt, use minerals or sea salt.


take this every day

Reviewer1582626により Mar 05, 2009 に掲載

sometimes this is the only thing that helps me feel better, successive doses work best, it's even helped me with digestive discomfort after eating.



Reviewer2648130により Oct 14, 2011 に掲載

Great product! Not only has relieved my RA pain but helps me to sleep so much better at night. Thanks!



karishmaにより Jun 09, 2012 に掲載

I take this every day and found this to be really beneficial for maintaining top health. This contains all of the 12 cell salts and I would recommend this to anyone.


Very promising

Reviewer1273925により Jul 28, 2011 に掲載

Started with Hyland's biochemic phosphates and decided to add these, being the complete combo of all 12 of Schuessler's Cell Salts. Already feel a shorterm beneficial effect from these for my adrenal fatigue, feels very nourishing to the nervous system. Looking forward to see what this will do longterm.



Reviewer1417983により Apr 26, 2009 に掲載

I have used Bioplasma off and on for years. It really helps to boost my health and immunity.


Good stuff

Reviewer3311659により Nov 05, 2009 に掲載

Had a scratchy throat, felt like the beginnings of cold or flue. Along with lots of hot tea, I took this several times throughout the day. Nothing came of the scratch...it was gone by the next day. Love that I can give it to all my children, including my 2 yr old and 7 month old. Two consecutive doses got rid of a headache for my husband as well. Especially love the large size bottle for our family of 6...goes a long way! Love iHerbs prices and price match gaurantee!


A must when you cannot decide what to use! Animals or mankind

ManxKatにより Jul 27, 2013 に掲載

I use this on stray animals when they are in poor condition and they begin to bloom. I also use this when other treatment do not quite work on us.



5714243138150377135により Oct 22, 2013 に掲載

this remedy is a staple for my family-helps the body to absorb the nutrients. great for sunstroke, leg etc. cramps-many things.


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