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Celebration Herbals, Matcha Tea, Bulk Tea, 1.41 oz (40 g)

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not a cause for Celebrati0n

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Posted by 101010011 on Jul 11, 2012

Purchased at iHerb

i have drank matchas ranging all over the spectrum, from fifty to seventy dollar an ounce, elite japanese masterpieces, to the fifteen to twenty dollar tins that are currently sitting on the shelve of your local neighborhood health food store. for me to compare this to a pinnacle grade matcha tea would be downright unfair, because this is far from it. this is an entry level, lower grade powder. when reading the box, there is no detail to where this tea is actually grown. it just says japanese style. it is either grown in china (lower grade matcha usually comes from china) or japan. initial impression on opening up the tea is that there is a heavy presence of a brown hue that permeates the plastic wrap. this rampant oxidation is usually a sign of improper storage conditions. the scent was not off-putting. it was mild, with slight reminders of spinach, chard and soil. i took the proper steps in preparing a proper bowl of matcha. preheated my chawan, sifted powder, heated water to about 170 degrees. once i poured around five ounces of water in my bowl, i used a 120 bristle chasen to whisk. the powder developed a nice lather, with minimal effort. initial flavor was that it was not a very balanced tea. it had more oceanic tones than earthy, with an astringent finish, but not too bitter where it is unpalatable. the texture was incredibly thin, bordering on transparent, with no umami quality to coat your tongue. if making this tea straight up, i would not go above two scoops from your chashaku per 6 ounces of water, and definitely keep water at or below 175 degrees. anything over that, and this tea is gonna turn way too light or monotone, and might be too bitter and flat for most. this tea is great for people who are brand new to the matcha game, or who want to delve into it to get some kind of perspective on the art form. also good for those who are going to mix this in a blender or beverage with other ingredients



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