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A miracle

Reviewer2047691により Jul 26, 2011 に掲載

My 13 yr old Pit Bull was diagnosed with bone cancer on May 23rd. The vet did not see much hope for her because of her age. I did some research on line and discovered rave reviews about K9 Immunity Plus. My girl is improving every day and getting stronger, not sicker. She is happy and appears to be pain free. Please try K9 Immunity. I will continue to give this to her every day. I've even started my 6 yr old healthy lab on it as a precaution.


Hopefully it will help

Reviewer1961252により Aug 24, 2011 に掲載

August 23, 2011 My 6 years old boxer was diagnosed with lymphoma last May 22, started K9 immunity after 3 weeks with his chemo. He his 95% back to his old self. Don't know if it's K9 or the chemo that is helping him. HIs deit consist of Taste of the wild, carrots, chiken breast and filtered water and K9 plus.


Amazing product

Reviewer2773560により Oct 03, 2011 に掲載

We started our dog (black lab/newfie) on K9 Immunity 2 months ago after finding out that he had osteosarcoma in his right front leg. We were told he had 2 - 4 months at best and we were devastated. He was limping and also sleeping most of the day. After about 3 weeks on the product he returned to his usual playful self. Today he came bouncing inside and skipped the first step on his way in. His appetite is normal and no one would ever know he was so seriously ill except that his limp is obvious. We are not going to put him through amputation or chemotherapy but we do intend to give him as much quality and quantity of life that we can.


Works for Our Golden

Reviewer2688015により Dec 06, 2011 に掲載

Our 10+ year old golden was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma (cancer) in April of this year. He had his spleen removed, thankfully before it ruptured, and there was an 11 lb. tumor. Biopsies of his liver and lymph nodes were clear, but we were still devastated, as the oncologist told my husband that without chemo he would give our dog 4-6 weeks. We chose not to put him through chemo, as that would just prolong the inevitable, and we did not want him to be burdened with the effects. Instead, after much research, we changed his diet to an extremely healthy, high protein, low carb variety. (We have been an Iams family, but moved to Evo, as it has a much better ratio of protein). In addition, I read nothing but good things about K9 Immunity Plus (with transfer factor) and have been giving our dog these supplements 3 times per day for the past nearly 8 months. He is a senior dog, with the usual issues that large senior dogs can have, but you would not know he is sick. He has an extremely healthy appetite, is very playful, alert, happy and basically his usual self, just an older version. Do your research, as chemo can compromise whatever is left of your dog's immune system, making the cancer more likely to invade further. We chose to boost our dog's natural immune system to help him combat this awful thing. I believe that this product has certainly made a difference in the quality and length of our dog's life!


K9 Immunity Plus

Reviewer2314724により Feb 17, 2012 に掲載

This product has helped my dog with osteosarcoma feel SO much better. As soon as I started giving it to her she got so much life and energy back.


The vet calls my dog a miracle!!!

5362155357967926265により Jun 06, 2014 に掲載

Within weeks of my 10 year dog being diagnosed with lymphoma I started her on K9 immunity plus chews. Due to where we live, the cost and the age of my dog we did not do chemotherapy. Usually dogs only live 2-3 months with untreated lymphoma.....but she is still with us 3 years later and the only supplement I have given her has been 2 chewy treats a day.


12 year old Rottweiler with cancer

5503206845283296600により Jan 25, 2016 に掲載

My old girl has a cancerous lump in a spot they can't operate and she is too old for chemo. Ordered these on a Friday and received them in NZ the following Tuesday.....you cand ask for more than that! On sat she was so low we discussed euthanasia, the next day she woke up good as gold and has 3 really good days. Today she walked about 3 k and swam then lined up for her dinner when we got home. While I know she won't be with us for long, she already had very weak back legs, her quality of life seems to be much better, the only difference is she is taking k9 immunity plus........even though she doesn't like them much. Thank you for your service and wish us luck!


Great Product!

Reviewer2553879により Nov 17, 2011 に掲載

I began using this product after my Anatolian Shepherd Dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 12 months ago. After chemo and radiation, and the K9 Immunity, we are holding the cancer at bay with no sign of metastases. I have to believe the K9 Immunity was an integral part of his survival.


Did not do any good for my dog.

5389765391219103661により Aug 10, 2012 に掲載

My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma at a fairly early stage and this product sounded so promising I had to try it. I gave it to our dog every day as instructed and our dog died in under 6 months. It did not seem to do her any good. If you want to try it this site does have the lowest price. The actual manufacturer will charge you more.


Wonderful, miraculous product

Reviewer2015746により Sep 02, 2011 に掲載

My almost 14-year-old Shepherd female could no longer walk; so I put her on K9 FullFlex along with K9 Immunity Plus, and she's literally running down the hall in the mornings to get her chews. These have been a miracle cure for my dog. I recommended these to a friend whose Golden Lab could barely get up to walk; and she, too, has had the same miraculous success.


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