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iHerbのお客様により 5 27, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This product has helped me have complete relief from the symptoms of enlarged prostate with previous PSA test results that were relatively high. My PSA results had doubled in just one year (1.7 to 3.2). I was experiencing urinary urgency and frequency. I would awake after about 2 hours of sleep having pain and trouble voiding. Urine would barely trickle out. Sometimes it would not evacuate at all. I was worried. I couldn't go longer than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. I knew my bladder had not emptied but no more urine would come out. I was miserable. I am only 59. I did an internet search and learned about Beta Sitosterol. I experienced nearly immediate relief of symptoms by doubling the mega dose over a 3 day period. I then backed off to using just the 375 mg dose to see if the symptoms remained relieved. They have. My PSA dropped to 2.7 after just two weeks of taking the Beta Sitosterol. I am thoroughly pleased with this product as it was the least expensive of all the other preparations containing Beta Sitosterol. I am amazed at two main things: IT IS EFFECTIVE! and my Urologist has downplayed the significance of it simply because it is an herbal product. He is a good urologist, I am sure. But, he has been negatively biased by the allopathic branch of medicine.


This is the One

iHerbのお客様により 9 18, 2008 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This compound contains a sufficient dosage of plant sterols to significantly lower cholesterol, in alignment with research protocols that have been conducted over the past several years. Many other products contain low levels of plant sterols. If taken as recommended, this one slightly exceeds the amount necessary to lower your cholesterol. I have seen a 20% drop in my total cholesterol level by using this product. Please remember that consistent exercise and eating a low cholesterol diet will also help!



iHerbのお客様により 6 06, 2008 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This is a very good product. I have reduced my bathroom trips at night from 2-3 to mostly 0.



iHerbのお客様により 5 27, 2015 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

As we all know, all bodies are different; that's what makes the world go round. This review is purely on my experience. I had a cholesterol reading of 8.1 and as I understand it should ideally be under 5. I am British and live in the UK. However, I have spent a lot of time in the USA as a flight attendant and I take a vacation there every year because I adore the country. Compared to the UK the USA is far advanced in what it offers the public in the way of natural remedies. When I learned I had high cholesterol I read a (American) book called "how to lower cholesterol without drugs". There were various ways; diet etc, but the author said that if there was one supplement he could take then it would be Beta Sitosterol. I then found iherb. Within two months of taking this supplement my cholesterol reading went from 8 to 4.2. My doctor could not believe it and actually said "How did you do that"?!!!! I told him and he recommended I keep taking these supplements; which I have done for the past six years. As I say, all bodies are different but these little nuggets have been a life saver!!!



RONSSOにより 11 27, 2014 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

아빠께 사드렸어요 잇몸이 약하셔서 매일 피를 보시곤 하셨는데 이거 드신 이후로는 이도 안흔들리시고 피도안난다고하십니다 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 두번째 구입입니다. 아빠가 더이상 치과를 가지 않으세요 ㅎㅎ 다른 고지혈증이나 콜레스테롤쪽 효과는 저희 아빠께는 효과가 그닥 있는것 같진 않고 잇몸 및 여타 통증은 효과가 확실히 있네요


Reduced night-time urination

iHerbのお客様により 1 06, 2008 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Reduced number of times I got up at night also increased volume of urine for each toilet visit.


Triglycerides plummeted

iHerbのお客様により 10 19, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Took 3 a day of these with 1500mg of real niacin with flush and in 6 weeks my triglycerides went from 1502 down to 212. Excellent!


Great Product!!

iHerbのお客様により 1 20, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I am a female with thinning hair and Acne due to DHT. This product has worked better/faster than Saw Palmetto. I noticed almost immediate improvements with my acne and hair loss.


комплекс ситостеролов

EvilBunnyにより 4 21, 2014 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Брала мужу в поддержку предстательной железы и как профилактику простатита и аденомы. Известно, что в желудочно-кишечном тракте стеролы плохо абсорбируются из-за плохой растворимости в воде. В то же время комплексы, которые они могут образовывать с гликозидами, обладают хорошей растворимостью. Это свойство, а также химическое родство с холестеролом используются в терапевтических целях. По химической структуре ситостеролы и холестерин очень близки и отличаются только заместителем у C8 боковой углеводородной цепи. Благодаря этой разнице ситостеролы понижают абсорбцию холестерина и таким образом понижают его уровень в крови. В качестве гипохолестеринемического средства используют b-ситостерол в высоких дозах (до 10 г день). Наиболее широкое применение находит b-ситостерол (как входящий в состав богатых им экстрактов растений, так и в чистом виде) для лечения и облегчения симптомов гиперплазии простаты, являющейся характерной для таких заболеваний века, как простатит и аденома предстательной железы. При клинических испытаниях некоторых из таких средств было установлено, что уже спустя 2–3 недели после ежедневного применения 50 мг b-ситостерола у 78% больных с гиперплазией простаты наблюдалось кардинальное улучшение процесса мочеиспускания (уменьшалась частота позывов и содержание застойной мочи, увеличивался объем выделяемой мочи вплоть до полного опорожнения мочевого пупыря). При этом никаких побочных действий не обнаруживалось. Механизм действия b-ситостерола еще окончательно не выяснен. Однако наблюдается его локализация в тканях простаты, где он ингибирует синтез простагландинов и оказывает стабилизирующее влияние на клеточные мембраны в гиперпластической ткани. Кроме того, в некоторых работах отмечается его влияние на нормализацию метаболизма холестерина и способность связывать некоторые канцерогены, попадающие в организм человека. При этом применение b-ситостерола, входящего в природные комплексы, получаемые из растительного сырья, даже в больших дозах (до 10 г в день) при длительном ежедневном применении не вызывало побочных эффектов.


변색관련_의문점 및 요구사항

iHerbのお客様により 9 22, 2017 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

네 통인가 다섯 통쯤 먹어온 잇몸약입니다. 교정을 시작하며 꼬박꼬박 챙겨먹었는데, 이것 덕분인지 교정 2년 째임에도 잇몸에 심어둔 스크류가 빠지지않고 이가 흔들리는 일도 없이 지내고 있습니다. 그런데 예전엔 분명 약 색이 '새하얀색'이었는데 지나번과 이번에 주문한 알약의 색은 희미한 선홍색을 띕니다. 지난 약은 아이허브 측에 문의 결과" 복용에는 문제가 없다"고 해서 먹었습니다. 몇 알 안 남았지만 찝찝한 기분에 새 것을 주문해서 '새하얀색'을 먹으려고 또 다시 약을 주문했습니다. 하지만 이번에 주문한 약 역시 붉은 빛이 도는 것을 보니 제조공정이 바뀌었거나 모든 약이 변색되었거나 둘 중 하나인 듯합니다. 약통을 뜯었을 때 마땅히 들어있어야 할 흰색의 약이 붉은색이 된 것을 봤을 때, 그 충격은 상당히 큽니다. 변색? 그렇다면 곰팡이? 독성? 망함? 등의 생각과 걱정이 머릿 속에서 나열되기때문입니다. '변색'. 이것은 왜 나타나는 것인지, 색이 변하더라도 안심하고 먹어도 되는 지 여부를 제조사측은 제품에 표시해야 한다고 봅니다.


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