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Great alternative to sugar!

TrueReviewsにより 11 16, 2013 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I used it in my coconut flour muffins and it was great! It adds more texture to the batter. I substituted 1 Tbs for 1 Tbs sugar. Very good price too. Click on my username for more reviews! If you thought that this review was helpful please feel free to press the 'yes' button.


An Essential for Sugar-Free Baking!

Reviewer3065264により 1 24, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I follow the South Beach Diet, so I make my baked goods with whole-wheat flour and without sugar. This can lead to some problems, one of which is extremely dense items. MoreFiber fixes that problem beautifully, while sweetening without an effect on blood sugar. You add MoreFiber in place of sugar in a recipe (it has Stevia in it, so it's sweet), but it also has a ton of fiber, so it helps reduce the need for fat, makes things gel better (something sugar does well but sugar-free sweeteners usually do not do), and adds lots of healthy fiber. Best of all, this measures tablespoon for tablespoon the same as sugar. Trying to figure out measurements for stevia can be very difficult, but this makes it easy! I cannot recommend this product enough, and the price here at iHerb is phenomenal!


Excellent product for more than the recommended uses

Reviewer2169417により 7 16, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This product says it was designed to allow more fiber into the diet while still enjoying sweet treats. This is undoubtedly true, but that is not why I find it so useful. My husband cannot have processed sugar of any kind, and this product substitutes pretty well as a sweetener in baked goods. The texture is more like powdered sugar than baker's sugar, when you handle it, but it does not act like powdered sugar in recipes. However, it is much sweeter (even in this diluted form) than traditional white sugar, and I usually substitute 1/4 or 1/3 of the original amount of sugar called for.


I really wanted to like MoreFiber, but...

stephdにより 1 12, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

...unfortunately, I had a bad experience with this product. I'm not sure how this happened, but my container was rancid upon opening despite being stored in a dark, cool, dry place. I bought it in August 2010 but doesn't expire until 12/11, so I know iHerb didn't sell me outdated stock, but it was rancid regardless. I smelled a very strong rancid oil/grain smell the moment I opened the seal. I even tried baking with it (thinking it might've been my imagination,) but that was a bad idea. It ruined my whole pan of lemon bars with the rancid taste. I'm not sure if I got a bad batch or what. I think I'm going to write NuNaturals and give them the lot number and ask if they've had any other problems with this product. I'm not sure if I'm going to give this one a second try.


I love this just as much as the NuStevia White Stevia Pure Extract!

Reviewer1512084により 4 13, 2013 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This is a great product!!! I tried NuStevia White Stevia Pure Extract to make the simple 2-step cheesecake that is or used to be printed on the inside of the Philadelphia cream cheese box 2 times, but each time it had a bitter aftertaste. I decided to try again using More Fiber, Stevia Baking Blend and the cheesecake turned out delicious! Another NuNaturals winner!!!


для выпечки и запеканок замечательно!!!

4907614851569174414により 3 20, 2014 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Никакого лишнего привкуса! эта стевия замечательно подсластит выпечку и не только. Часто делаю запеканки и каши, печенье овсяное... Стевия очень выручает! Хороший продукт. Понравилась намного больше, чем жидкая стевия. Куплю еще. Надеюсь, мой отзыв был вам полезен :)


Excellent natural sugar replacement

Umbridgeにより 2 19, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I don't tolerate sweet things very well (fructose malabsorption), and this works very well in both providing natural sweetness and replacing the bulk of sugar in a recipe (as opposed to the liquid stevia, which I also use). It doesn't add a funny aftertaste or any grittiness at all, which is great given the added fiber it provides.


Great alternative to sugar

Reviewer2239515により 11 16, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I use NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend when making cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods with great results. It blends well and doesn't have a strong after taste. It's the only brand stevia I use in my baking.


99% great

Reviewer1240355により 5 31, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I love this stuff, except the maltodextrin. Dont like it but in the big picture Ill accept it. I make all of my food and I bake alot too. I use this baking blend all the time to cause more stability and structure. Works well.



Reviewer2560842により 10 07, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I love this because it has added fiber- which helps with digestion AND helps counteract carbs in your food (i.e. you don't gain weight so easily if you have a high fiber diet.) It also has BOTH kinds of fiber (soluable and insoluable) so it will help thicken things without using starches or flour (for example: pudding or hot chocolate).


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