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I love this product

Reviewer2680114により 7 08, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

At home I drink Cider Vinegar 3 times a day to help normalize my blood sugar. However, when I am out, or traveling, it is unsuitable to bring a bottle of liquid Cider Vinegar. I find the capsule equally as effective as the liquid so there is no compromise for me. Delivery to Melbourne Australia was 4 days, so great price and great service. Thank you iherb, I will be back.


hip's be gone

Reviewer1737111により 4 12, 2008 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

i started this product a couple of weeks ago and the inches are starting to come off. i have tryed almost every other product to help the over weight 40 blues and this seems to be working where as the others didn't


We will see

panaceaspecialistにより 2 28, 2013 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This thing take a long time to take effect, but it's completely safe. I am starting to take it it's January 4th now. We will see. ------------Today is 18 january. I have lost 1,5 kg. But I am going to discontinue to use this product because it's too much of a diuretic. I hate that effect. Skin on my hands gets shriveled, and I feel dry. On the other hand my mom gets bloated by this, very bloated, you can actually see how it is not good. I gave her 2 cups of very strong senna tea to undo the damage. THIS STUFF IS JUST NOT GOOD. THEY NEED TO GET RID OF GLUCOMANNAN IN THIS FORMULA, AND PUT IN SENNA OR SOME OTHER, MAYBE MILDER LAXATIVE, FOR EXAMPLE HIBISCUS. One star from me...


GREAT stuff.

Reviewer1824252により 7 04, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I used to drink ACV in hot water, but that hurt my throat, and the acid can completely destroy teeth. With these capsules, I'm able to get all the benifit without the acid-on-my-throat, and the additions are wonderful, and very well selected! (For instance, no matter how much you exersize, you're not going to lose weight if your body doesn't have enough chromium, and that's what they include.) This is worth my money completely. I'm planning on my second bottle, and have gotten my Mom started on them, too! Thank you!


love cv caps

Reviewer1566526により 4 27, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Helps with my acid reflux and digestion. Also, I am cautiously optimistic that it help some of my allergy symptoms


Losing weight and Lower Blood Pressure

Reviewer1274616により 12 07, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This is a quality product. I use it to keep my blood pressure down and maintain a good weight for me. It really works. I have been taking it for 2 years now, could not live without it.


Good product

Reviewer1909159により 8 20, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I like the combination of ingredients. These work for me when combined with healty eating plan and exercise--not a magic bullet


Cider Vinegar

Reviewer1314865により 12 02, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This product is great! I am seeing all the benefits from using cider vinegar plus the extra added ingredients makes it must have in the diet.Also, the price is right and I am on my 4th bottle.


Very pleased with this product.

Reviewer2465649により 5 31, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Using this to replace a much more exspensive product to help with losing weight and I love this! Will continue to use it.


cider vinegar

Reviewer1145017により 11 14, 2007 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

this really works for me


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