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great product but non-US customers be warry of shipping fee

iHerbのお客様により 9 25, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I love this product! It is the best probiotic I've tried. I used to get stomach aches whenever I had to take an antibiotic and this product changed things. It is true that I used it almost continuously for 4 months before I was forced to take antibiotics but I noticed a (good) difference. I intend to take 2 caps a day for 3 months after my last course of prescribed medication. Here comes the WARNING though and it is meant for NON-US CUSTOMERS: YOU ARE FORECD TO PAY SHIPPING FEES AS IF iHerb sent this product in an iced, insulated package to you which DOES NOT HAPPEN! Basically you have the same shipping conditions as for any other product (including the similar in size and weight RAW Enzymes, Women(90 caps) still from Garden of Life). Still the weight used to determine shipping costs (particularly relevant for those using DHL os UPS) is 1.52 kg versus the 0.39 kg weight of RAW Enzymes! I've contacted customer service twice about this issue and I've received a standardised answer that didn't truely address my question. Disappointing!



iHerbのお客様により 6 09, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I really love these probiotics. They are potent, but still very whole food based. I feel an enormous difference in my GI tract when I take them. Also, they're in glass, rather than plastic, which is meaningful to me. Only thing is, I ordered from another company before I ordered them from iHerb, and it took two weeks for my order to get to me. I'll only order them from iHerb, unless I'm buying them right from a store's cooler, because otherwise the lengthy shipping time could affect potency. From iHerb, they arrived at my door in about 36 hours, and I'm in Canada. Amazing. They should be refrigerated, so they're definitely not appropriate for most travel.


Very good product.

iHerbのお客様により 6 18, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I have not had symptoms of yeast infection or candida despite eating more starch and treats lately.I also notice that I have been more regular with this product. I also add Now Foods Candida Clear with this product. Very good probiotic. I will purchase again.



iHerbのお客様により 8 18, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

هذا المنتج ماينفع تشترينه الا بالشتاء لانه عبارة عن خمائر حية فتموت لو ضلت لفترة بالحر او حتى الجو المعتدل لان بيشحن وبيتكدس في مخازن بدون تكييف ف١٠٠٪ راح تموت الا اذا انطلبت بالشتاء استخدامي له كان بسبب اصابتي بفطريات بمنطقة المهبل بعد استخدام شهرين لحبوب منع الحمل ماناسبتني راجعت طبيبة وراجعت استشارية وكلهم يوصفون حبوب مضاد حيوي كررتها مرتين ومن غير فايدة لما قريت ان الزبادي حمية مناسبة للعلاج بسبب الخمائر المفيدة الموجودة فيها تذكرت اني قريت عن هالمنتج وان يحوي نفس الخمائر بس بتركيز اعلى فرجعت وقريت عنه وطلع فعلاً من الامور اللي يعالجها الفطريات استخدمته لمدة شهر وحسيت بتطور ممتاز سألت الاستشارية عنه وقالت لي استمري عليه كملت شهر ثاني وقضى عليه تماماً والحمدلله من الامور اللي تحسنت فيني غير الالتهاب كان جفاف رهيب بالمنطقة والان الحمدلله اصبحت المنطقة متوازنة وصحية جداً الهضم عندي كان سيء والان اصبح افضل بكثير في امور ثانية يعالجها مثل القولون وغيره بس انا ماعندي مشاكل فيهم فماشفت فرق استخدامي كان ٣ حبات في اليوم وقرأت في التعليقات للاجانب انهم بعد العلاج يستخدموا حبة باليوم طول العمر لصحة المنطقة ووقايته من الالتهابات وانها ماعاد رجعت لهم ابد فهذا اللي راح اسويه ان شاءالله لان طريقة عملها هي زيادة البكتيريا المفيدة اللي تحارب البكتيريا الضارة وتمنح موازنة للمنطقة بعكس الغسولات اللي تقتل الاثنين البكتيريا المفيدة والضارة طبعا اكيد بالحمل والرضاعة ماتستخدم الا باستشارة.


Happy Customer

iHerbのお客様により 10 30, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

These helped me get rid of a yeast infection and ease stomach cramps from taking antibiotics. They didn't cause a lot of gas like some probiotics I've taken. Kinda pricy but worth it when you need it.



iHerbのお客様により 12 12, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I LOVE this probiotic, not only is it much better than any other probiotic on the market right now, but it worked for me the very first day I took it. I suffer from chronic BV infections and this has really helped stop it and has also helped me with my digestive issues too, went the bathroom only hours after taking it :) Really works and is RAW. Will be reordering this from now on....love Garden of Life products, they never disappoint me!


Substandard in delivery

perxinerにより 2 03, 2017 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I received my order without an iced or insulated. iHerb did not fulfil as written/promised. Disappointed in this area.



danielledonohueにより 6 19, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I love this stuff. I highly recommend Garden Of Life products. I only take one a day to save money, and I still feel like it is really beneficial. It is so potent that you really only need one a day if you have a healthy diet and no stomach problems.


Makes a huge difference to my diet :)

iHerbのお客様により 5 17, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This product is great. I've been toying with different probiotics but this one tops it all - high amount of cfu & strains all in one. I really felt a difference just with 3 capsules a day - felt tiny lil bubbling in my stomach when I first took it and knew that it WAS working it's magic. I think my body has enough good bacteria and so the bubbling has subsided but bowel movements are pleasing :) Very satisfied and will continue to keep using it.


Very strong

iHerbのお客様により 11 16, 2015 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Though it should be delivered ice-packed, I still decided to make an international order, no ice and less potent. But it's still strong enough to make my digestion feel much better, even without refrigeration. And I tried Enzyme women at the same time, definitely incomparable to this one. So I'm gonna order again!


1-10 件/合計 38

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