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Best digestive helper

5484313341976354814により 1 24, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I have tried several different supplements to help my digestive system and this is by far the best of them all! No more bloating, pain or unpleasant feelings after eating. I take one with each meal.


Good stuff!

juliaheisにより 6 01, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

These enzymes are excellent. They really seem to help digestion, and I love the fact that they have no magnesium stearate in them. I also like the fact that they have betaine hydrochloride, plus pepsin, plus pancreatin, etc.


No more prescription meds for Acid-Reflux in over a year

Reviewer2665014により 9 08, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I started with Bio-Gest in the fall of 2010 after an MD's solution to my extreme heartburn from Acid-Reflux was for me to take twice as much of his prescription and give up all coffee. As a commuter with 12 hour days, that was not my solution. A naturopath recommended Bio-Gest to me and it works. Rarely do I experience heartburn at all and it has never been like it was with the prescription. I've learned that Bio-Gest helps me digest food (and nutrients) whereas the prescription blocked digestion. I am SOLD on this supplement!


Передовая добавка

PIONERにより 8 18, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Очень качественный и квалифицированный продукт! Содержит и ферменты и желчь и пепсин в одной капсуле. Может вызывать повышение кислотности у кого есть склонности, это из-за пепсина. Нужно подбирать дозировку и периодичность приёма индивидуально и аккуратно!


Love them

adechamplainにより 4 14, 2013 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

These were recommended by my nutritionist and actually I test my supplements with my chiro who does kinesiology and the previous brand I was taking didn't test well at all but this one tests really good for me. I take only one with each meal. I really trust Thorne products. I use them in various forms and am always delighted. They don't use toxic products in this capsuling methods etc unlike the majority of other brands.


Chronic reflux and Digestive Complaints

5458583111957260643により 1 07, 2015 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I started taking Biogest on December 18th and noticed improvement as soon as I started taking them. The belching after eating has been significantly reduced, swelling in my tummy has gone down and some of my hypersensitivity to smells has started to calm down. I have a way to go but Bio-Gest has been a godsend to me!


Works very well

Reviewer2836604により 8 11, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Excellent. Really can't manage without this.



Reviewer2284924により 3 05, 2012 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I trust Thorne products more than others because of the fillers other companies use. I have been using 1 cap of Bio-gest before meals for 2 weeks and I do not feel so yukky after a meal.


Capsules are made out of SYNTHETIC material Hypromellose!!

5026282378517886029により 12 10, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I didn't experience much improvement with my digestion. Me eating healthy diet helped more than these capsules. Also the buyers of this supplement need to be aware that these capsules are not entirely veggie caps. One of the casing's component is Hypromellose (Vegetable grade). Hypromellose is short for Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC). Hypromellose is loosely described as vegetable-derived cellulose. It’s a synthetic version of gelatin derived from cellulose made from plant fibers such as wood from tree trunks that’s been extracted and then treated with various chemicals throughout the production process to make a polymer. The resulting HPMC is then mixed with water to form the vegetarian capsule material. The FDA has determined it GRAS (generally recognised as safe). This basically means HPMC isn’t required to be adequately studied for proof of safety. So this begs a question, why would anyone in their right mind eat anything that contains Hypromellose in any shape/form or quantity when no one has tested it for safety in humans!


100% Increase in Appetite

5483072786365592890により 9 17, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I was feeling nauseated, I didnt want to eat and very very bloated. I have been on these for a month and the turn around is amazing. Very little bloating, I am more regular and my appetite has increased!


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