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My wife is MUCH happier!!!

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 13 2009 | Verified Purchase

My wife suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a particularly snarky attitude to go along with it. People that suffer from C.F.S. (and they DO suffer) have a hard time staying upbeat anyway, because life basically sucks for them day in and day out. I ordered this product for her a couple of weeks back, and I make sure she takes is every morning. I am noticing a huge difference in her overall behavior and energy. She still has bad days, but they aren't as bad. I have added a good NOW Co-Q10 to her daily regiment and NOW 5-HTTP to try and help her more. "Whisper"- She just walked through the room snapping her fingers and dancing to "The one that I want" from the GREASE Soundtrack! I haven't seen anything like that in YEARS!!! This is a great product, produced by a quality company, and supplied by iHerb...a superior internet superstore for those that look for the best in life.

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Works for menopause symptoms

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 13 2008 | Verified Purchase

Do a search on tribulus on the net in terms of menopause (tribulus + menopause) and you will find a bunch of studies of how this product helps to ELIMINATE menopause symptoms. I just started using this about three months ago and it knocks out any menopause symptoms I have with no side effects WITHOUT the dangerous estrogen therapy treatment using synthetic estrogen pills. I take one to two pills a day (morning and night) and I swear this stuff works wonders!

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Stock up!

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 18 2009 | Verified Purchase

Guys, lets just put it this way, I'm in my mid-30's and my partner is in his mid-40's. We've been taking this supplement to help boost testosterone levels while we are working out. I've used it in the past and enjoyed the results. One of the cool side effects has been that my erections have been much harder. I feel more energized, stronger and more "manly". Make SURE you are taking this supplement. Your girlfriend/boyfriend or "sometime" friend will appreciate it!

Thanks for your feedback!

Definitely works

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 18 2007 | Verified Purchase

After about a week and half of one a day, I noticed that my consciousness was clearer and I had motivation to get stuff done. Definitely helped and still helps to break me out of depression. I now also take hydergine and feel about 90% cured.

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Tribulus A+++ Testosterone Booster.

Posted by bodybuilder on June 30 2012 | Verified Purchase

Tribulus is one of the most popular and effective testosterone boosters around. I would recommend Tribulus as an essential for anyone wanting to build more muscle. Remember that a percentage of all testosterone will convert to estrogen... More Testosterone = More Estrogen = Manboobs... If you take testosterone boosters it's probably a good idea to take an estrogen blocker... The most effective blocker i've found is 3,6,17-Androstenetrione which I-herb doesn't seem to sell... Also remember that alcohol can decrease your testosterone levels by about 40% so if you drink 24 hours before or after going to the gym you are going to undo the benefits of taking tribulus.

Thanks for your feedback!

No libido increase. Shorter fuse to anger.

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 19 2012 | Verified Purchase

I am 25yo female with normal libido. I was hoping tribulus would be a fun way of increasing feelings of arousal/horniness for fun sex. I also read some users felt more energized and motivated to "get stuff done" while taking tribulus. I was looking forward to either of these effects. For the first few days I took half a tablet per day, no effect. So then I took one tablet per day for a week, no effect. Then 1.5 tablets per day for a few days, and felt a very very faint irritability that I had trouble pinpointing. So I tried 2 tablets, and felt pretty normal though a light background level of irritation, however... as soon as anything happened externally that grated on my nerves (not being able to find my face-wash, tripping on housemates junk, bumping my head, having a housemate tell me they had used something of mine without permission, people evading answering questions I asked, etc) I felt seriously PISSED OFF!!!, I felt SOOO angry!! I was buzzing, adrenaline rushing, fully ready for a physical fight!! I was ready to scream obscenities and rip that f***king b**tards head off!! Which is very VERY unlike me. Normally I'm the calmest, most patient soft-spoken little thing you ever met. So aside from feeling angry over things I would normally just 'let go' of within seconds and forget about (or deal with calmly & methodically & logically), the anger lasted for hours instead of minutes and I had a very difficult time dispelling it and serious difficulty calming down even after going to the basement & letting out my anger on a punching bag in the basement (after 30 mins of this I simply felt physically drained, and no less pissed off than before). After 3 separate days of testing and confirming that taking 2 tribulus pills was causing this effect in me, I tried going back to 1 or 1.5 pills a day for a few weeks with no effect. So now, I take zero tribulus unless I'm predicting a fight or confrontation where I believe I need to feel aggression to give me more of a "spine" to confront and deal with the conflict. All in all, not the effects I was going for & minimally useful for me.

Thanks for your feedback!

Helpful to increase free Testosterone levels

Posted by NBPT10 on December 12 2016 | Verified Purchase

This is great for improving Free Testosterone levels. If you take a thyroid hormone it may reduce your free T. I have found that taking two tablets a day (One in the AM and one in the PM )it has increased my free testosterone. This is a much better option than getting Testosterone shots at your doctor. This will not increase your total testosterone. It frees up bound testosterone so it become usable or in the free state. I would start with one tablet a day and see if that works for you. after a few weeks if you don't feel any improvement go to a second dose latter in the day. If you found this review helpful please Click the YES button. Also, go to my iherb home page and read many other value added reviews. Peace and good health!

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Works for a while

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 3 2008 | Verified Purchase

These ayurvedic herbs should be rotated, but they only work for a short period, then you need to take a rest period, 3 weeks or so, before trying them again.

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Product review

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 3 2008 | Verified Purchase

The product is excellent. Have been taking for several weeks now and has shown inprovement in Libido and nightly erections.

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This product helped me so much.

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 2 2009 | Verified Purchase

I started taking this product to increase my testosterone levels and assist to increase strength. I have been a fatigue and fibromyalgia sufferer and now only rest once a day! I feel stronger and an added bonus was increased sexual sensitivity and desire! I am pre-menopausal and staying on this product. I take pregnelolene also and this combination has worked for me instead of accepting HRT.

Thanks for your feedback!

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