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Great quality but be prepared to flush

Posted by NaturalMum on May 16 2013 | Verified Purchase

Beware...if you have not used niacin before this is likely to give you a really hot flush as this is a large dose. I would suggest you start at a lower dose (like 100mg or less) and work your way up to this strength. A niacin flush can be unpleasant if you are not expecting it but once you are used to it, it's quite pleasant and relaxing. I have found niacin to be a saviour for my mood and especially for difficulty going to and staying asleep. I have some niacin before bed and fall asleep quickly - something I've never been able to do! Please click 'yes' if you found this helpful and click my NaturalMum link above for more reviews on natural beauty products, vitamins and supplements.

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The modern world needs niacin.

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 21 2013 | Verified Purchase

From deep depression to feeling normal again, within a week. Yes this product will give you a flush. Yes that is normal. Yes, it t can be unpleasant. But the flush is also beneficial, is part of a healing process, and is by far, not the worst thing in the world. It will also disappear after about a week of use. I have been using Now Foods Niacin for over 5 months now (daily). It is a quality product, and works well. See information from Dr Andrew Saul & Dr Abram Hoffer for dosage information. All mental illness & brain biochemical problems should be dosed with niacin. Also very good for lessening the severity of allergies.

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Quality product!

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 31 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is a real quality niacin. The capsules are easy to swallow. My husband and I worked ourselves up to 500mg at a time. Occasionally I still experience a brief flashing but it does not bother me. Do remember to take on a full stomach. For information on proper niacin dosing and niacin saturation visit Dr. Andrew Saul's website at doctoryourself.com

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Now foods Niacin and my Schizophrenia

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 15 2016 | Verified Purchase

Dear IHerb, I am very happy to say because of your service of providing Now Niacin and Dr Abram Hoffers youtube videos on how to heal Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, depression, alcohol abuse etc on the net I am almost healed of Schizophrenia! I am down to under half a tablet of the doctors prescription drug and taking 2 tablets of Niacin 3 times a day. I feel great, can think clearly, working harder like I did in my 20s before I got sick and very happy. Thanks be to my Mum for always believing in Natural Medicine, we call it Gods medicine. That unlike doctors drugs does NOT harm us. Thanks be to Bill Pinto for telling us about IHerb. Praise be to God for everything, He and His Son Jesus are so faithful and so much LOVE! I wish I had known about Niacin 20 years ago then I would not have lost 10 years of my life being in and out of hospital- what a waste of time that was. Soon I will be off the doctors drug completely. Many thanks IHerb, you are efficient, professional, truly a great company . God bless you all, Gabriella Napoli PS I now have family members and friends taking Niacin through IHerb and its a joy to hear their results.

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Work your way up to this dose

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 30 2016 | Verified Purchase

Great, but don't try and take this dose straight up. I purchased these for my son to see if they helped his long standing depression. I purchased 100 mg capsules first though and I am really glad I did. My son started on a dose of 100mg and had a flush. I dropped it to 50 mg by opening the capsule and taking half out. He was fine. Have gradually increased by 50 mg a night to work his way up to the 500mg capsule. He has experienced flushes along the way, but we have taken it slowly and simply repeated the same dose rather than increasing it until he tolerated it without a flush. I would hate to see how bad the flush might be if he had taken 500mg straight up and we certainly didn't want him to have a negative experience with this. He is now taking 800mg and beginning to look a lot less depressed. He is starting to smile, is engaging far more socially and can see the funny side of life. Nothing else has worked for him so for us Niacin is a miracle. It's very economical and highly effective. If he misses a couple of nights he is back to his depressed self so making sure we always have a spare bottle. Very very happy. Thank you Now Foods.

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Mocny sen

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 22 2016 | Verified Purchase

PIERWSZE ZAŻYCIE NIACYNY Po ok. 20 min. od zażycia kapsułki zaczęły swędzieć mnie dłonie od środka, potem płatki uszu, w końcu przedramiona i nogi. Podobno tak działają duże dawki niacyny, ale i tak byłam zaskoczona. Lekkie swędzenie i zaczerwienienie skóry utrzymywało się ok. 90 min. W międzyczasie zrobiłam się bardzo senna. Poszłam spać wcześniej i miałam mocny sen, po którym obudziłam się wypoczęta. Następnego dnia w pracy byłam dużo bardziej wyluzowana. Może dlatego, że w końcu dobrze się wyspałam. Z uwagi na długo utrzymujący się efekt "flush" zadecydowałam, że zanim przyzwyczaję się do niacyny będę wysypywała z kapsułek połowę dawki przed zażyciem. Otworzenie żelatynowej kapsułki i wysypanie połowy dawki jest dość łatwe. KOLEJNE DWA DNI ZAŻYWANIA Połowa zawartości kapsułki (ok. 250 mg) doprowadza mnie prawie do efektu "flush" (odrobinę swędzi mnie kark). Lepiej śpię. Działa. Jeśli uważasz, że powyższa recenzja jest pomocna, potwierdź to proszę poniżej.

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Good but NOT for first-timers

Posted by MakeTimeForHealth on October 18 2016 | Verified Purchase

After reading extensively on niacin benefits, decided to give it a go. Big mistake starting off with 500mg straight off! Should've taken it slowly and started at 50-100mg twice a day. Flushing is tolerable, but itching skin wasn't! Makes one want to scratch away for an hour! Itching was worse on feet and arms. Then, it was followed by severe chills. Will not give up too easily on niacin though - just going to adjust the dose! Trying out 100mg soon, and tablet form would be best, so that you can chop it in half if too strong. Btw, this one is capsule, so no way to half the dose if you find it too strong. In case you find yourself in my situation struggling with itch and chills, I suggest drinking LOTS of water to hasten the body washing it off! Helped a lot!

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niacin lowers blood pressure

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 1 2011 | Verified Purchase

My BP was running marginally high at around 150/85. After about two months of taking this producgt 1-2 times per day it is back to normal at 126/70. Great product!!!

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Healing my schizophrenia

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 18 2016 | Verified Purchase

This product is fantastic, I've been on niacin I've been on niacin for 7 months, taking 2 pills 3 times a day and I'm getting better and better. I'm used to the flush I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal about it you get use to itand it gives a bit of placebo when you feel it working in your body. I just hope they continue making flush niacin because I love it!

Thanks for your feedback!

Fountain of Youth..

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 5 2015 | Verified Purchase

My GP tried to put me on statins for high cholesterol about 2 yrs ago and after researching the topic I decided I would stick to the 'gold-standard' of lipid control Nicotinic acid. I have lowered the bad and raised my good cholesterol significantly, which statins alone cannot do. Also B3 has other benefits on the blood vessels and circulation. Side effects occur only after the first dose a.m which I take in bed and the next dose has no side effects. Also as an exercise mimetic Niacin has contributed to significant weight loss and greater energy levels.It should be taken in conjunction with the whole B vitamin family for best results. Ofcourse everyone should discuss with their doctor prior to self-prescribing.

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