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Seems to work!

Reviewer3089438により 7 05, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I take my blood pressure every day after a stressful day at work and sometimes my BP is around 165/98 and since I've been taking these as directed my BP is down to near normal (135/83). I'm very pleased with the results. I don't think it is a coincidence. I will continue to buy this.


Not Recommended

Reviewer1971715により 2 17, 2008 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I have used a variety of grape seed extracts over the past few years and thought I would give this one a try. I tired this for a few weeks. Not the best quality and out of all the other grape seed extracts I have used I have had much better results. I would not recommend this product.


Does what it claims to do

Reviewer3231420により 4 20, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I've found that the megaNaturalBP has kept my blood pressure at acceptable levels since taking one capsule daily. Reduction has been from around 185/95 to around 145/75. I have been able to get off all medications and with that - no more adverse side effects. Certainly worth a try!


Definite Benefit

Reviewer1221188により 6 11, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I have never had a problem with my blood pressure, I'm using it as part of a belly fat reduction strategy recommended by Dr Oz, and I definitely see an improvement



alloriginalにより 5 04, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

the truth is, this is one of the coolest all-around supplements ever developed. As far as I know, this is the most potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory there is. It's inexpensive and safe, with no known side effects. One little pill daily will: reduce high blood pressure; reduce wrinkles and premature aging; reduce blood glucose levels; reduce inflammation of all sorts, including arthritis, bruising, circulatory problems...this IS nature's answer to almost everything. I've taken grape seed extract for almost two decades with no problems whatsoever. If the name Lifesaver were not already patented, I would apply it to this product. Hey--I believe that nutritional supplements saved my life. I've used a lot of supplements, and I know what works and what doesn't. My reviews are honest and (hopefully) informative. If my review helped, click yes! If you click my reviewer name--alloriginal--you'll see how I transformed my life with the help of Iherb.


강력한 항산화제!

leejhbroにより 1 28, 2015 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

고혈압, 항암, 자가면역질환에 좋다고 해서 주문했어요. 프로안사시아니딘, 레스베라스톨, 피크노게놀 등이 들어있어서 혈압에도 좋고 면역에도 좋다네요. 확실히 먹은지 얼마 안 됐는데 염증 수치가 내려가네요. 혈압도 내려가구요! 담엔 용량 큰 걸로 주문할 거에요. 완전 좋습니다. 도움 되셨으면 "네" 눌러주세요! 감사합니다! 다들 건강하세요!!


Against hypertension

marianFにより 7 04, 2014 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

My mom had very high blood pressure that prescription meds managed to lower just a little.Her doctor was about to add extra, stronger drugs but I thought she should give natural alternatives a try.I ordered for her this and hawthorn extract and within days her readings were perfectly normal.She still takes her initial medication which is a mild one but if she forgets to take the grapeseed and the hawthorn she's back in the 160/100 range.I plan to order celery seed as well, to add to her regimen and see if she can do without the meds altogether, as they give her many side effects.I am very optimistic...


Very good for high blood pressure

Reviewer1736363により 9 04, 2009 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I started taking this with olive leaf extract after my doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medicine. It dropped my blood pressure within 3 weeks.


good eatin' ...most likely great for your brain and immune disease

Reviewer3190920により 12 06, 2008 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This product was published recently (2008) in the journal of biological chemistry as a very complicated polyphenol mixture that works quite beneficially in a transgenic mouse of alzheimer's disease. To my knowledge, this does not happen very much as most molecules published in JBC are from chemical companies and are more strictly . a friend of mine took this for guillian barre syndrome. he got better thereafter, though he was taking several other nutritional supplements as well so we can not say for sure which one helped the most. i strongly recommend meganatural to others though since polyphenols like resveratrol are undeniably fantastic for neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases. it is just a question of dosage level, where high doses are most preferrable and toxicity does not appear to be a serious concern as far as researchers can determine currently.


Экстракт виноградной косточки

5288868416595685838により 8 04, 2013 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Нормализатор давления натуральный, можно брать, ну эт скорее подспорье, пока не убрать причину


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