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The Standard for Green's Products.

Posted by nmbenzo on May 18 2012 | Verified Purchase

I decided to purchase Vitamineral Green (VMG) after reading a fair amount of reviews across the Internet. Almost every review unanimously praised VMG as an excellent blend of greens for the hardcore greens enthusiast; boy were they right. This blend of greens has everything you would expect a quality green blend to have: land greens, ocean greens, algae's, and probiotics. I also respect the fact that everything in this product is manufactured using an even more stringent process than that of most organic products, which Dr. Jameth calls "tru-ganic." As for it's effects, they were subtle but noticeable. Before purchasing this product, I was and currently still am, taking copious amounts of chlorella and spirulina (which this product contains) in the amounts of 8-9grams/day and 15/20grams/day, respectively. I'd been at this dose for about six months and had experienced tremendous benefits (healthier looking skin, faster hair and nail growth, energy, stamina, digestion, mood - quality greens really do a body well). I bought the VMG to diversify my greens intake and this product has further improved my already well-run digestive system. There are so many live enzymes and prebiotics in this blend that it really helps to alkalize and smooth out an improperly functioning digestive system. It also works great for combating a hangover as it supplies the body with an intense amount of macro and micro-nutrients. I take about six-seven teaspoons per day and combine them throughout the day with my chlorella and spirulina intake. I really enjoy the smell as well, it almost smells sweet to my highly alkalized body. I drink all three of the aforementioned greens together with nothing but pure water all day long, which provides a psychological benefit as I know I'm always injecting great nutrition into my body from dusk until dawn. Anyone looking to start taking their health to the next level, should definitely consider adding the VMG into their current diet and exercise p

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The best...

Posted by owenfox on March 13 2014 | Verified Purchase

I dont know what to say about this. the best of the best, along with tonic alchemy by dragonherbs and pure synergy from the synergy company. LIFE CHANGING. TRY THIS OR THEM. Best ever!!! You'll feel the difference. And get herbs into you. Changed my life from sick and exhausted to well and fit and running and exercising again :) Welcome to see my page by cliking on my number at top of review. More reviews there! PEACE, love & light! O

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Definitely worth buying!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on April 19 2013 | Verified Purchase

This is a very comprehensive blend of green superfood! This is the best pure green food out there! It does not come with cheap fillers like lecithin, pectin. Not that they are bad, they are just not value for money and takes space. On the other hand, this does not come with unwanted additional ingredients (like mushrooms, adaptogens or berries) besides the green food. It is not that these are bad either; I just want a pure hardcore green food blend with more than just the regular gras ses or green sea food like spirulina/chlorella. And this is it! Enzymes help to digest and aid absorption whereas probiotics compliments the green food. Having tried different milder green blend, I find the taste to be acceptable. What set this product apart from its competitor is that the the product is raw (nothing important gets destroyed by heat), truganic (Healthforce’s more stringent version of organic), comes with airtight glas s container that block UV light and actually keeps the bottle airtight (compared to plastic container), guaranteed live probiotics at time of expiration (99% of probiotics product are guaranteed live at time of manufacture!) , enhanced the product via magnetic, homeopathic and vibration (these are fields that are important to health as well but often overlooked) and consists of less common life saving green food like American Basil, Chickweed etc. With a large variety of land, sea and ocean green food, it can be sure that it covers every vitamin, minerals, amino acid and other nutrients needed by the body! It is wise to start with a low dosage before stepping up as it is very potent. Pricewise, it is definitely value for money! Check out my page for more reviews!

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Great Taste!

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 7 2010 | Verified Purchase

My ND recommended this while I am detoxing from high lead exposure. It has a great taste on it's own, but I like to add it to fresh carrot juice with a little fresh ginger. Zing!

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Posted by iHerb Customer on November 23 2010 | Verified Purchase

I bought both Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth in tandem, and they have met my expectations. My indicator of my health are my nails. If they have no hangnails, then I am well nourished. But if I don't get my essentials, I start getting crazy hangnails. So far, I have been hangnail free, so this stuff looks like it is doing it for me. Nasty tasting, so I put a hit of stevia powder, plug my nose, and chug. I had loose bowel movements only on the first day, and none after that.

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Best Food Ever!!!

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 23 2010 | Verified Purchase

I love this food. It gave me my health back. After years of not knowing what was wrong with me and Dr's not being able to figure it out Vitamineral Green did the trick. I have my energy back and I feel great!!! Iherb has the best price and fast shipping.If I were you I would order it now.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on July 23 2010 | Verified Purchase

Good stuff, I mix this with Elixir of the lake, and some chia seeds in water. Taste like crap, but I feel amazing and energized after drinking this concoction. this is a copy and paste, but still an amazing product. --> onward to the next copy and paste, I mean review.

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My MAIN Food 'supplement'

Posted by Jasmine44 on June 5 2010 | Verified Purchase

Although Healthforce Nutritionals does not consider Vitamineral Green as a supplement, but a food, I start each day with a healthy scoop (along with their Maca Force & Earth. This is my mainstay, & I have used it (Vitamineral Green) to supplement my diet for several years now. It generally gives me a boost & although I eat mostly organic (no red meat either) I feel great with Vitamineral green as the basis & start of each day! Pure Food!!!

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Health Force Vitamineral Green

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 26 2015 | Verified Purchase

I have actually been using this product for some time now. I have scoured the internet and the shelves of stores to find a green powder that has all of the valuable "Green" foods as well as Enzymes. You would be surprised to know that there are not many green powders with sea vegetables and enzymes together. I have been researching nutrition and or supplementation for about 35 years now and ALL of the products from HealthForce are by far some of the most superior on the market. Every product is as high quality as the other. One could never go wrong utilizing any of their products in order to attain and maintain a high level of health and well being. My thanks not only for your wonderful products, also for your conscious business practice. Carry on… Maryann Cotta.

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The Master Greens Blend; Using it to Replace Multivitamins

Posted by wholefoods on August 15 2012 | Verified Purchase

I have been curious for some time now about replacing a cabinet full of multivitamins with concentrated whole foods. This product is a great place to start. The product itself is a rich, vibrant shade of green and it tastes incredibly fresh. All of the ingredients in the product are of very high quality. I noticed a big difference in my energy level and overall feeling of strength after taking this product and I found I didn't need to take a multivitamin when taking this product. The company, HealthForce Nutritionals, is arguable the best supplements company in the business and I trust their integrity in delivering the highest quality product. The only minor complaint is that the amount of each ingredient is not listed on the label. Of the 14,000mg "From the Land" Blend, for example, it is unclear how much is oat grass and how much is basil or ginger root. I would appreciate if the company expanded their labelling to add specific amounts of each ingredient. Overall, this product is at the very top of the line in terms of Green Food Blends that have the potential to transform your health and allow you to cut out other expensive supplements. Highly Recommended!

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1-10 of 125 total

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