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effective, therapeutic grade probiotic

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 10 17, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Garden of Life sells one of the few brands of therapeutic grade probiotics in the U.S. If you are trying to heal your gut, this is a good one. Be sure to progress gradually though, and be aware of die off symptoms--which are obnoxious, but tell you it is working! I noticed some reviewers complained of these symptoms but didn't seem to realize why they were experiencing them. If you begin feeling fatigued, headachy, flu-ish, gastro-intestinal upset, moody, get rashy or acne, etc..., it means large numbers of pathogenic bacteria and yeast are dying in your body and your body is trying to get rid of the toxic load. Cut back to one less capsule, drink lots of water, and when you start feeling better, add a capsule again and give it another go. A therapeutic level is one capsule below what causes die off symptoms for you. Eliminating starches and complex sugars along with probiotic therapy will go very far in healing serious gut issues and seemingly unrelated issues to gut health (food allergies, learning and behavior problems, depression, auto-immune disorders, etc...). Read Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Natasha Campbell McBride to learn more about gut health and it's influence on the brain and body.


Полный АНАЛИЗ (спустя 2 месяца)

anton91-irkutsk さんによる投稿。 2 18, 2017 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

Женщина (49 лет) - хронические запоры, применение слабительных на протяжении длительного времени (несколько лет), угнетённая микрофлора. Заказал я своей маме этот пробиотик и не прогадал. Сразу напишу, что я не врач, а просто неравнодушный и прочитавший целые горы на тему восстановления флоры кишечника и вообще о кищечнике. Мой выбор пал именно на этот вариант, т.к. состав меня очень порадовал. 12 штаммов лакто-бифидо и коли бактерий. Плюс в составе есть сахаромицеты буларди...это очень эффективный штам пробиотических дрожжей относящихся к спорообразующим анатгонистам. Ещё в составе есть бацилюс субтилис, это сенная палочка очень важна при восстановлении слизистой кишечника и в борьбе с антибиотико-ассоциативной диареей. Так же моя мама принимает семя льна вместе с этим пробиотиком. Буквально за неделю (не шучу), мама забыла о своей проблеме и до сих пор боится отказаться от приема пробиотика. Не верит, что всё в прошлом. Конечно свою роль сиграл и лён, но всасываемость питательных веществ через кишечник увеличилась именно благодаря пробиотику. На счёт семени льна, если вы будете его применять, то стоит брать в аптеке не муку, а цельные зёрна, затем перемалывать в кофемолке или неважно как и посыпать еду или в кефир по ложке (хотя там есть инструкция). Дело в том, что семя льна начинает выделять концерогены, если вы его перетёрли и несколько месяцев не используете, пожалуйста осторожней. В общем, я очень рад, что не пожалел и потратил, по сути, кучу денег, но оно стоило того, как оказалось. Спасибо, если вам мой отзыв был полезен, ставльте "да", или не ставьте и заходите в мой профиль за скидкой, достаточно нажать на мое имя) Всего доброго!


Garden of Life, Primal Defense Ultra 216 Caps

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 11 27, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I have ordered the above product the 2nd time now. Each time it arrived in Australia around 2 weeks with US airmail. The postage is only $4.00, it is speedy and reliable and arrived in excellent condition. Iherb is an trust worthy company, selling products at a good price with affordable shipping options. I have constipation for many many years, at age 51, I am at my wits ends. Also I have CFS. I tried many high strength probiotic from Sydney, but the effect are just so so. This Primal Defense Ultra was recommanded by a friend and I only take 2 in the middle of night after I get up for a pee(empty stomach), next morning, I can feel the urge and empty more complete, it is much better than any probiotic I have ever taken and I have taken quite a few different brands. I kept them in fridge anyway even they said you do not need to. I am going to take it LONG LONG term, as it helps with so many things, and healthy guts means good health. And the price is cheaper than those I get from Sydney anyway. Best Regards Alice W


진짜 좋은 제대로 프로바이오틱스

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 9 29, 2015 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

처음엔 타블렛 제품으로 먹기 시작했고 큰효과를 보았다. 프로바이오틱스는 그냥 장건강때문만이 아니라 혈액을 깨끗하게 해주는 효과가 있는 듯하다. 2~3년을 넘게 계속복용해 오다가 울트라캡슐제품으로 바꿨다. 좋은 프로바이오틱스는 처음 복용할때 감기앓듯 피곤하고 눈이 따갑고 붓는 경향이 있었는데 유익균이 장내 적응하는 과정과 바이러스균들을 청소하면서 생기는 명현현상이다. 몸이 평소에 굉장히 안좋은 분이나 음식을 외식이나 패스트푸드를 자주 먹는 사람이라면 더 심하다. 보통은 이런 반응은 1~2주면 지나가게 되고 적응후에는 얼굴색이 놀랍도록 맑아지게 된다. 물론 섬유질이 풍부한 식사나 coQ10같은 조효소나 식이섬유 올리고당등과 함께 먹으면 더 효과가 있다. 나 같은 경우엔 심한 류머티즘과 만성피로증후군 저질체력 약한 면역력으로 고생했었는데 1년 반이 지나자 많은 증상이 사라졌다. 식은땀 흘리던거 감기잘걸리던거 다 없어지고 류머티즘도 호전되었다. 물론 식이요법을 병행하여 불량식품을 안먹은 것도 효과가 있었을 것이다. 울트라캡슐제품은 타블렛보다 더 효과가 있다. 물론 그래서 중증환자라면 타블렛을 먼저 몇달 먹다가 울트라제품을 먹는것을 권한다. 너무 심한 명현으로 조급하게 이제품을 평가하지 않기를...


Definite Improvement

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 1 18, 2011 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

These seem to work better when you get built up to 3 a day. I noticed a big improvement when I started taking one in a.m., one around mid-day and another before I go to bed. My B.M.'s are more consistent and I have less gas. I'm sure there are other benefits that I am not recognizing yet, but I definitely feel better. When taking just two in a day I didn't notice as much difference, so make sure you take enough and give them a chance if you try them.


IBS, etc sufferers take notice!

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 6 19, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

These are REALLY potent in a good way. Used to have intestinal issues, but after taking these for 2 months with Vit D supplement, I am 100% better. I used to take PB8, which are decent, but these seem to be stronger.


best i've tried

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 5 18, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

i have tried EVERY probiotic--this one is the best.


Great probiotic

katmakiah さんによる投稿。 1 13, 2010 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This normalized my digestion and gave me back a normal BM. I'd been sick for about 2 years when I switched from PB-8 to Primal Defense Ultra and it worked immediately. I took 3 a day for a couple of weeks. Now I take 1 a day.


The best so far!!

iHerbのお客様 さんによる投稿。 4 30, 2016 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

This is the ultimate probiotic that really works. I can empty well every day and no more bloating. I started with 1 per day and now up to 3 per day. That is all I need. Do not give up if you experience some side effects at the early stage. That may mean it is doing its job to clear up your guts (bad bacteria). You will feel a lot better after 1 week or so. I have tried many brands of probiotic and this is the one I would highly recommend. Some do not work at all and some are very expensive. This one works and quite affordable.


The Best

kanaca さんによる投稿。 6 10, 2013 に掲載 | 認証済の購入

I've taken so many probiotics, but this one seems to really adhere to the intestinal lining and colon. I started taking 3/day to control Candida. When I got die-off symptoms, I worked my way up to 8/day. This helps control it. It gave me pretty bad die-off, but at least I know it's working. I'd go up to 12/day. (A Primal Defense rep says you can do this on youtube, without any danger.) I just don't have the time to take 2 6xday. I guess I'll have to start taking three at a time.


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