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Tried it don't like it

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 27 2012 | Verified Purchase

Thought this is a great alternative to tampons. I didn't want to use tanpons anymore because it feels so unnatural to have a "plug" inside..this one I figured would be good because the blood can flow. Getting it in was not too difficult but getting it out was painful. Also, I didn't feel it wearing it but somewhere I got this feeling that my inside is constantly expanded (so that the blood doesn't leak) and that is not natural. I'm all for natural so I'm gonna get one of those organic cotton pads. Yea so I won't be able to go to the pool or exercise but when I think of it, when I'm on my period my body's literally bleeding, detoxing, I should stay home & relax. At least for the heavy 2-3 days.. Only pro for this was that I got to see how much blood I'm actually loosing. Interesting. I didn't have a time where I had to change my cup in public but I can imagine it's a hassle to remove it, wash it & put it back in when you are not at home.. Just my opinion..

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May work for some people, but I'm not one of them!

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 31 2008 | Verified Purchase

Extremely uncomfortable! It was so painful, I won't try it again.

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Safe, Comfortable and simply Better

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 29 2016 | Verified Purchase

I may never return to pads every again! This is my first venture into safer, more natural options and I totally love it. Its easy to use, though I would say there is a slight learning curve. Its comfortable, if you experience any discomfort you're probably still ascending the learning curve. It really does work for the length of time if you have a moderate flow, but definitely reduce the time if you have a heavy flow. If you've ever thought of trying something else, start here with this today!

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Diva goodness

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 7 2008 | Verified Purchase

This cup is great. It never leaked, was fairly easy to get a handle of, and I love the punch-down fold. A lot of suction...but you may want to trim the stem. Arrvied quickly to Australia~

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Excellent product!

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 21 2008 | Verified Purchase

It was a bit awkward at first to get it in, but once you've got that down it works excellent! I had no leaks and felt so good that I wasn't contributing more waste and saving money. Definitely worth the $$.

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Posted by Maxine Adele on December 17 2017 | Verified Purchase

The Diva Cup has totally change my experience of "Magic Week." I've now been using it for over a year and I can't believe I didn't make the switch sooner. The cost of tampons can get out of hand in some parts of the world and they're just pure waste. I know many women are scared of unnecessary penetration, but the Diva Cup really does feel natural inside. It's like getting used to putting contact lenses in. It didn't take me long to get used to, just fold it in half and delicately maneuver it until it can go no more. Sometimes I do feel it poking out at the end of the day, but it's easy to adjust it when going to the bathroom. I do not have any leakage and it's actually nice to see how many mL there is in one day. I feel more in touch with my body. I don't have to worry about toxic shock or any harsh chemicals. Actually, I don't have to worry about my period at all. I forget that it's there and leave it in all day. Travelling is also so much easier as you don't have to pack a bag full of tampons and pads. All in all, life affirming product.

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The best thing I ever spent money on

Posted by Kythrie on May 5 2017 | Verified Purchase

I have had this for a couple of years now. I do not regret it. Learning to use it and getting used to it is pretty awful and a bit frightening. But it's so useful. They do leak sometimes but thats because I still haven't quite got the hang of getting it to pop open properly once inserted. So much better than tampons, no irritation - can sleep with it in. Love it! I'll buy another one when mine starts to wear out.

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Diva Cup

Posted by serpines on May 27 2013 | Verified Purchase

Love it! It was my best investment ever. Good for the environment, really comfortable, you simply don't feel it, it lasts a long time (I have a normal flow, I used it for 12 hours in a day of increased flow and it filled only like 1/4 of the cup) and you have no leaks. I feel a lot more secure with this then I felt with pads or tampons. I just don't think it's a good idea to change it in a public W. C., but since it lasts long, is not a problem for me. Oh, and I was having an annoying candida problem, and when I started to use this instead of pads, it disappeared. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but it happened

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Repetiré sin dudar

Posted by Kancunen on November 6 2012 | Verified Purchase

Una de las mejores compras que he hecho en iherb. No se nota, no te manchas y es muy cómoda para viajar a sitios donde no sea sencillo encontrar compresas o tampones. Yo tengo más de 30 años y compré el tamaño pequeño, me va perfecto

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After Practice... It's Amazing

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 12 2010 | Verified Purchase

I first saw the Diva Cup in the advertising section of a fitness magazine. I had never seen or heard of menstrual cups before. I thought it seemed like the craziest idea, but I was intrigued and looked into it. After reading stuff on Diva Cup's website, I decided to go for it. It arrived before my first cycle, but I waited patiently. Once my cycle began, it did take a bit of practice. It took me 3 days to get the hang of it, but once I did, it was awesome. The one thing I will say, is that for me- the stem had to go completely. They say not to cut if off all the way- but that is what made everything finally work for me. I wasn't using the stem to help pull it out anyways, and all it did was irritate me. Once I cut the stem all the way off, and played more with the folds and positioning, I found that it worked amazingly! I did Yoga, jumping jacks, ab work... all my normal fitness stuff without any uncomfortable pinching, moving, or leaking. The best things about the Diva Cup... 1) You don't have to change it as often as tampons and pads. I was changing mine at 10am and 10pm. That's it. 2) No annoying tampon string hanging out. 3) No leaking at all (once I got it right). 4) Less waste produced. Goodbye tampons, pads, and panty liners! 5) Being more in touch with how my cycle was progressing and what my flow was like. The worst things about the Diva Cup... 1) It takes a bit of practice until you learn how to do it just right. This can be a bit frustrating, so patience is required in the beginning. 2) The stem can be a bit annoying for some, but a pair of scissors quickly solved this issue.

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