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I'm a 25 year old student trying to live as cheap as I can, but at the same time stay as healthy as possible. Know that I will never buy GMO products. I'm also doing my best to make my ecological footprint as small as I can, by doing some research before buying anything. Whatever I find interesting I will share with you in my reviews. And of course I'm honest about my personal experience with the products. PLEASE, let me know if my reviews are of any help at all. And also, use my coupon code (on top of this page) to get 5-10$ off your first buy on iHerb (this will give me a reward, and it will save you some money, win - win :) ) Enjoy! ~Sara

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Tastes good, hearty and healthy

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on March 31 2013 | Verified Purchase

I use it in everything! It tastes good on its own as well as mixed in with other things (shakes, cereal, fruit salad, youghurt -probably anything you can think of) PLUS it is healthy and hearty. Only draw back is that it disappears waaaaay to quickly in this house.... and I can't restock every time that happens cause even if the product in itself is cheap, I have to pay clearance and value added tax and what not, so I have to pay attention to both price and weight of the thigs I order. All this sadly sets the limit. (Hi iHerb! Just want to mention that strawberrynet pays this back to you. I would love you for all time and buy everything from you if you did the same. Promise! (And fellow customers: say this was helpful to you if you agree))

Thanks for your feedback!

Tastes good, and feels good

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on April 18 2013 | Verified Purchase

I take two ounces every morning, waits for fifteen minutes and then have my breakfast and vitamins. I also use it if I'm about to have a real heavy dinner. I feel that this makes me healthier and gives me good digestion. Also, before I used this I was totally knocked out every time I had a cold. Now I'm up on my feet, functioning like normal, only with a little nose drip. (This could also come from the acai I ve begun to take together with the aloe vera.) Only draw back is that I empty this too quickly, so I will try something new now so I won't have to buy this every month. As I've said before, with taxes and all that, I have to limit my orders both according to weight and price. I really wish iHerb would come up with something that wouldn't make this so difficult (like strawberrynet pays all the extra paid money back to you).

Thanks for your feedback!

Easily added nutritions

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on May 1 2013 | Verified Purchase

Doesn't taste anything som you can use it in/with whatever pleases you. Mixes good with liquid (especially if you add it into just a little liquid first and stir, before adding the rest), and works really good with baking.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good except for the aftertaste

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on April 29 2013 | Verified Purchase

Tastes really good, tastes so like candy actually it is hard to believe that this is healthy. I use it as recommended (two scoops in water) and also in baking, and in pancakes (try it!) Only problem I have with this is the artificial sweet aftertaste...but that is easily solved with a cup of coffee :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Could have been my favourite

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on April 29 2013 | Verified Purchase

Sweet and spicy, this could have been my favourite. BUT it is just a bit too sweet. Good in small cups though, served like a dessert tea or something

Thanks for your feedback!

Hate the smell, LOVE the scrub

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on June 5 2013 | Verified Purchase

First let me say this: I do not like the smell. Or I do, but I prefer this smell to come with something you can eat and not something you're about to have all over your body. Remember to eat before showering! ;) But this was my mistake, I thought it would smell more like cocoa, and it doesn't. BUT the scrub is one of the best I've tried. What others Call greasy or sticky I call very practical. Because with the scrubs I've tried, the product falls off your body if you're not very careful while applying. This doesn't but it sticks to Your body. I think this is good, makes it alot easier to apply. At least if you use a shower glove like I do (they sell some ecotools gloves here on iHerb you should buy with this). Also another problem I usually encounter With scrubs is that I can't touch my hair after, because the substance stick to my hands and my hair ends up looking greasy. Not so with this scrub. With this I can leave the a conditioner in while applying the scrub, and rinse my hair after without getting oil in my hair.

Thanks for your feedback!

This doesn't smell anything

Posted by 5-10dollarsOFF-iHerb-HERE on April 7 2013 | Verified Purchase

I had really high hopes for this one as it seems everybody just LOVES it. But I can't smell anything. Tried spraying it on myself, on my pillows, out in the air, -nothing. Only thing I managed was getting my pillow too wet to sleep on, then I could actually smell the lavender, but I had to let it dry before sleeping and then the effect was gone. Disappointed:( It helps a bit if you shake the bottle before spraying, not much though. You should try the "pillow potion" by Aura Cacia instead: With this the smell of lavender stays. You can buy it here on iHerb. Just remember to click "yes" below if you find this helpful :)

Thanks for your feedback!

1-7 of 7 total