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Highest Quality, Non-Denatured, Protein Concentrate

Reviewer2963268により Jan 28, 2012 に掲載

I prefer whey protein because it's pleasant tasting and not gritty like some vegan powders. You use less at a time as well. I mix it into my smoothies — can't tell it's in there. Whey protein is the best thing to raise your glutathione levels. This is premium quality, not heat-treated and is a protein concentrate, not an extract. Grass fed cows. Not certified organic but pretty close to it, at a slightly lower price.


The best of the cream of powders, imho.

Reviewer3129018により Mar 26, 2011 に掲載

I've tried most of the whey powders here that don't have any sweeteners nor strange flavours, both isolates and concentrates. This is the most easily digestible — with isolates i would feel out of balance, and my wife just couldn't stomach them. Of the concentrates this (and i suppose the certified organic version, for the purists) is one of the top lot here and of these is the best value for money. But the clincher is how it has become an essential in my house. In a breakfast shake with a green powder (Paradise) and a liquid multivitamin (Bluebonnet's) and other supplements i feel balanced with good energy, yet without an appetite till about 2pm. Don't even feel like anything sweet. My wife complains she can't have lunches like she used to have with her coworkers as she is not hungry in the slightest (but wants to be)! Body fat level is dropping, muscles grow at the slightest exercise and are maintained. Truly my favourite protein powder.



Reviewer1508866により May 01, 2008 に掲載

This whey protein is comparable to other higher-priced whey products ... but it's more affordable and it's healthier (read the product description, it's very pure and minimally-processed)


Foamy and difficult to dissolve, but probably good quality

Reviewer2681046により Feb 01, 2012 に掲載

I bought this expensive protein powder lured by the good reviews of how pure and healthy it is. But unfortunately, even if it is so, the foaming and not so easy to dissolve texture make it less than perfect. I expected better for that price.


This company has a well deserved reputation for goodness.

Reviewer2814882により Feb 29, 2008 に掲載

This is creamy texture and wonderful to mix in smoothies. Have fun with it. I always want to buy whey that does not have acesulfame or splenda in it. This has only natural goodness. I read where acesulfame is a natural cancer causer. I don't want that in my body. Even in the health food store here at home, I found whey products with acesulfame in them. You are what you eat!


great product

Reviewer2029219により Jul 22, 2008 に掲載

i love this product, it tastes great with any shake combination! i highly recommend this product, i did lots of research into whey proteins and found this one to be of very good quality with a good price.



Reviewer2106073により Apr 13, 2012 に掲載

I used to buy the Jarrow's whey but this one is better of texture. When you open the bottle you can immediately see the quality is a step above the Jarrow's whey. The price also, but you get what you pay for.


Protein Powder

Reviewer2536898により Oct 05, 2010 に掲載

This was the first time using this product. I've used another protein powder that is from peas and other veggies and I really liked it. Was told by an OD to try whey. This product doesn't dissolve as well as I expected from reading some comments, unlike the other powder we usually get. I do like the taste, however, and it doesn't overpower the veggies or fruits we put in.


Flavor is off

Reviewer1873951により Aug 03, 2010 に掲載

I know this is a high quality whey, for sure. However, the vanilla flavor is strange to me and throws off the taste of my smoothies. I would buy again if they fixed the flavor.


Generally ok except the stevia taste

Reviewer3327222により Oct 04, 2008 に掲載

I don't like the stevia taste, otherwise it should be fine.


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