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An essential product

Reviewer1915672により Oct 26, 2007 に掲載

I spent 5 hours painting, my back ached and I did not know if I would return to the job after lunch. Before I ate I took a Rhodiola Rosea Extract tablet. By the time the quick lunch was finished my back ache was gone, and I did 4 more hours of painting. I was dead tired after painting, took another dose, showered, ate and felt refreshed enough to read until 11 P.M. without nodding off as usual. The dosage recommended on the bottle is way too high. Read the linked articles at www.rhodiolarosea.org which mentions a 150 mg dose. Use a pill splitter.


I Like These

Reviewer1305242により Mar 28, 2007 に掲載

I have been using this rosea product every day for the last several years. I have only used this brand. I like the tablet form. I feel as if I get a mood lift and there are no side effects.



Reviewer2725453により Apr 02, 2009 に掲載

This preparation is so smooth and gentle on my system. I am sensitive to supplements and it's been difficult to find a low dose of Rhodiola. Every other extract I've had is just too potent. I love that they are in tab form, so I can cut in half if need be.


I would recommend This product

Reviewer1911058により Mar 13, 2009 に掲載

I have been using this product for about six month. I am very happy with the results. I feel like a new man I am more focused and less stressed and I even sleep more soundly. I can't do without it.



Reviewer1741514により Apr 02, 2008 に掲載

I noticed an immediate difference in just one day. I have undiagnosed CFS/adrenal fatigue and perceived low thyroid. I have felt extremely washed out for the last several years, with the last 8 months almost unbearable. I had no motivation, though there is much I wanted to be involved in. My mind said yes but my body said no. Every morning I would drag myself through the morning and end up on the couch by early afternoon. I would come "alive" in the early evening and got to bed by 11pm/ Even after 8 hours the fatigue never left. Anyway, after trying several products, all of which have merit, but not powerful enough to clear the fatigue and brain fog, I found this stuff at a local health-food store. I took 2 when I got up. Within a few hours I felt more alert, but not shaky. I went to the gym and did my workout without feeling weak like I usually do. I took two more at lunch and powered through the afternoon. I started spring cleaning--something that I thought about doing for weeks but couldn't find the energy. I didn't sleep much that first night so I will modify the dosage. But this stuff is the absolute best thing I have ever had. For anyone suffering with CFS, low thyroid, Wilson's Temperature syndrome and adrenal faigue, this product is great. It will improve your life. Best of all there are no side effects, no jitters--just wonderful energy!!!


Rating the Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Reviewer1105702により Jul 21, 2008 に掲載

I think it works very effectively. I do not want to take RX any longer. On the down side, the only thing I found was weight gain and bloating, but the RX I was taking did the very same thing, plus knock me out to sleep. The Rosea Extract does not knock me out to sleep. I am recommending it to my friends who are taking Scrips.


Good product

Reviewer2703551により Dec 22, 2010 に掲載

I have noticed a gradual but noticeable difference in how long I can keep going these days. I have fibromyalgia and used to have to go to bed to recover from 2 hours of physical or mental activity. Now I can go through a day with just one or two rest times. With this illness, I've tried all sorts of things will all sorts of claims. A few really work, and this is one of them.



Reviewer3349311により Oct 03, 2008 に掲載

This is a good one. Not super potent but clean and not stomach wrecking. I've puked numerous times off the NOW foods rhodiola and I can't even take a full cap w/o getting sick. Planetary Herbals Rhodiola is smooth. Works great too. 327 mg feels more like 150 though. I still prefer to any other, I just take 2 or 3 instead of one. Definitely a top product.


great [product

Reviewer1922471により Nov 18, 2007 に掲載

This is hard to find, please continue to carry this item. It works with depression and chronic Lymes symptoms.


Helps with generalized anxiety disorder

Reviewer1807689により May 30, 2011 に掲載

I have taken this rhodiola extract for a month now, not regularly, but when I'm feeling anxious. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder that is not severe, but irritating when it strikes. The symptoms that I'm having especially when I'm trying to fall a sleep are difficulty of swalloing, fear of choking, dry mouth, twitching, difficulty concentrating and sometimes trembling . I usally take this about 20mins before I go to bed. Rhodiola rosea helps me fall a sleep much quicker and helps me "clear" my mind. Otherwise I'd just roll in my bed thinking and worrying about stuff and suffer from previously mentioned symptoms.


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