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    TheGreenSativaにより 4 06, 2008 に掲載

    Good stuff. Healthy. I just mix it with peanut butter and honey into a hemp dough ball, very good.


    Great Value for Organic Hemp Protein!

    Reviewer2821022により 1 14, 2008 に掲載

    I really like this product. I do not find it gritty as some reviwers have. I mix it into a smoothie, so this obviously eliminates that problem. I was buying a much more expensive brand (Living Harvest) and I find no difference between the two. Great price, organic .... Love it!


    high fiber, tastes good

    Reviewer3085712により 1 26, 2007 に掲載

    This is my favorite hemp protein. It tastes very good and is also high fiber. Good protein supplement for those who are allergic to dairy and soy.



    Reviewer1750393により 7 07, 2008 に掲載

    Substantial...no hunger for hours.


    An even better source of fiber than protein!

    Reviewer3231842により 12 10, 2008 に掲載

    This product is pretty great. It is a wonderful source of fiber, protein, and omegas, and not much else, which makes it a wonder-superfood. But, it is a bit expensive, difficult to mix, and doesn't have the best flavor (it is sweet-ish, but grainy). If you are putting it in a smoothy, I'm sure it would be fine, but if you are stirring it in a glass of soymilk, for instance, you may not enjoy drinking the result.


    Nutiva Hemp Protein

    Reviewer2806330により 1 25, 2007 に掲載

    I've tried several Hemp Protein powders, but Nutiva is the best. I love it mixed in with frozen blueberries with a bit of cinnamon,soy milk and stevia. It is loaded with fiber, and has really helped with my irregularity problems.


    Nutiva Hemp protein

    Reviewer2807997により 4 23, 2008 に掲載

    Hemp is sooo good for you - I like to make hemp protein smoothies each morning using the Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder and it's great! I recommend buying the 3 lb. bag if you use alot (I use about 3 Tbs. per serving), as the 16 oz. container lasted maybe a month, on 2 Tbs. per day. The only reason I gave the product 4 stars instead of 5 is because the serving size is misleading as far as protein content is concerned, and I have seen 2 different figures for this on the product label- the 1st, on the nutritional chart says 4 Tbs.=11 g. of protein, but then under Directions for Use, it says 3 Tbs.= 22 g. of protein, so I will have to check with the company about this. All-in-all though, I am satisfied with this product.


    I tried to like it

    Reviewer2592970により 1 05, 2011 に掲載

    I really wanted to like this stuff. Every smoothie I made with it was hard to drink. The taste is over powering, even with just half a serving. I ended up wasting it. I just couldn't deal with the taste.


    Not for me

    Reviewer3327222により 8 04, 2012 に掲載

    my body don't like it


    Good, but not great

    BelieveJesus4EternalLifeにより 5 04, 2007 に掲載

    While the nutritional value of this product is high, the overall quality is not that great. There are tiny pebble-like things in it. I highly recommend Manitoba brand.


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