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Great source of unsweetened protein - Great for cooking - Unique & Beneficial Amino Acids not Usually in our Diets

Reviewer1363702により Aug 13, 2014 に掲載

As the title of my review states - the amino acids in this are not as common in our diets, since we started shunning the cartilage and 'odd' cuts of meats, in favor of pure muscle meat. Much of an animal is not muscle meat - and we benefit from the different amino acids in those 'other' parts. Research Proline, Glutamine, and Glycine (which this powder is high in) if you're interested. These amino acids aren't considered essential, but are very beneficial, especially for people with bowel disorders (in the case of glutamine). This powder can add nutrition and body to vegetable and meat broths, or become homemade low-sugar jello, gelatin candies, chocolate mousse, or a nutritious boost to your smoothies. Learn to use it and let it 'bloom' before adding it to recipes, though, for best results (hit the google machine!) Such a versatile ingredient that I always make sure I have in my kitchen. Unlike knox, this is beef-based and not pork-based, which is important to me. It's much cheaper here on Iherb than the lower-quality kind available in grocery stores. Very popular with Primal/Paleo people, too. Packaging, quality, and shipping speed were great!


My knees are healed !!!!

Reviewer1756096により Oct 28, 2015 に掲載

After x-ray and MR (magnetic resonans imaging) the doctors said it was nothing to do With my knees, I had to live With the pain (I had no more cartilage left) Very painful going downstairs or jogging f ex. I take 1 spoon every day in yoghurt or juice/shake, etc.


Really great gelatin supplement!!

Reviewer2827646により Apr 06, 2009 に掲載

I have been only taking it for two weeks and I noticed a difference in my hair and nails. My joints aren't as stiff.


Easy to use

Reviewer3029279により Nov 15, 2007 に掲載

The powder is so much more cost effective than the capsules. We put it in juice and hot cereal and it works great!


Just Simply What It Is

Reviewer1178605により Jul 28, 2012 に掲載

I like this better than the collagen powder products. I just add it to water and gulp it down. Just be aware that it doesn't dissolve very well, so if you have trouble swallowing you might want to look for another option.


Great powder, dissolves well.

Reviewer2498510により Oct 17, 2011 に掲載

I use this powder to make homemade jelly/gello without the nasties you get in the boxed stuff from the supermarket. I also use it to add to my homemade yogurt to thicken it up, plus in my daughters' homemade baby formula. Lots of uses!


Beef Gelatin

Reviewer2869993により Sep 06, 2011 に掲載

Dissolves easily when heated. I use it alot to sneak in some extra proteins in my diet. And hopefully I'll feel a difference in my joints some time soon too.



Reviewer1773360により Apr 20, 2011 に掲載

A great product - no offensive smell or unpleasant taste. Will be ordering again


Good Protein Product

Reviewer1181017により May 13, 2011 に掲載

Good high protein in a low dose...Nice for tube feeding for my needs


Love it

5303540637256700756により Jun 25, 2015 に掲載

I add two tablespoons to one cup of coffee in the morning. I also use it in savory sauces to give it a "thicker" flavor since I don't use flour


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