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Review from a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) sufferer

TheLadyOfShalottにより Feb 01, 2012 に掲載

I have been bedridden with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) for 11 years. M.E. sufferers are particularly sensitive to drugs, supplements etc so finding a product that one can take with ease, and actually with pleasure in this case, is a real gem. I love this product. Goat's milk is much easier to digest than cow's milk due to the smaller particle size, and this is really easy on digestion given that some of the goat milk in the protein powder has been fermented. It also contains probiotics, which my immune system tends to react to quite violently, so I usually avoid them and use prebiotics instead (barley grass juice powder, for example). I nearly avoided this product due to it containing probiotics but I'm so glad I didn't because this formula is very gentle and I didn't have any immunopathology (Herxheimer) problems from the probiotics - in fact I'll be looking into Mt. Capra's probiotic formula because of this. It's still a good idea to 'start low, go slow' if you are similarly poorly, which probably goes without saying if you've been ill for a long time. If you don't like the taste, it mixes well with Mt Capra's other fine product - 'Capra Mineral Whey' - so that you can't taste it at all; or blended with other ingredients in a smoothie. Most poorly people have already discovered that goat milk is so much better than cow's milk, so many are already used to the taste of goat milk, but if you're not then taken on it's own the powder is quite 'sourish' and a little gritty, BUT it's not designed as a protein powder that say body builders or sports people use, for that there's Mt Capra's other protein powder called 'Double Bonded Protein, 007 Shaken not Stirred.' Instead, it's aim is for people serious about helping their body heal or overcome illness as much as is possible and providing outstanding high quality protein that is easily assimilated by a weakened organism. This, of course, does not mean it can't be used by sports people/body builders but the taste of the 'Double Bonded 007 Protein' might be more similar to other protein powders and therefore more preferable in that instance. Personally, I like them both! Thank you, Mt. Capra, for supplying us with high quality goat milk products, and to iHerb for stocking them - please continue to do so! :)


Excellent source of goat milk protien

NBPT100により Jan 12, 2013 に掲載

Goat milk protien is a better overall choice that most cow based protien powders(IMHO). Many cow based protien powders are from cows given growth hormones, copeous amounts of antibiotics, and fed grains (not their natural food source). I desire anything I consume from an animal to be from a healthy and happy animal. The goat products from Mt. Capra are from well treated animals. The product gives a good balance of amino acids and is more easily digestible than similar products from a cow. As compared to most protien powders it mixes well and the vanilla taste is good. I hope you found this helpful. Peace and good health.


Goat smell

Reviewer3327222により Aug 04, 2012 に掲載

I bought for my niece. It is not ok for her due to the goat smell.


Love this stuff

Reviewer1594522により Nov 14, 2008 に掲載

Switch to goat protien! Im serious. Its so much more efficient than whey from cows. You can feel it revitalize your body and build muscle faster. Dont worry about the price, you'll get more out of a pound of goats milk than you would out of two pounds of regular whey.



Reviewer3166039により Nov 02, 2008 に掲載

I love the taste, which is mildly goat milky. If you hate goat milk you might not like this. It makes smoothies fluffier and richer and is nice mashed with ripe bananas.


Quality Goat's Milk Protein at an affordable price

Reviewer2951026により Oct 02, 2009 に掲載

Mt. Capra's goat's milk protein is exactly what it says it is: No frills, good quality goat protein. It is unsweetened but tastes rich. I recommend it to any who cannot eat bovine protein. It mixes easily.


Mt Capra Instant Goat Milk Powder VS Meyenberg Goat Milk Powder

Reviewer2694374により Jun 30, 2011 に掲載

Mt Capra Instant Goat Milk Powder - Very White & Very Fine Powder ( Looks more like a protein powder ) - ZERO Goaty Aroma, NO Milk Aroma. ( This gives me a bad impression ) - BAD mixability ( A shaker is the only way to prevent clumps ) - BLAND TASTING ( Whole family said it tasted like dry cardboard ) - ZERO goat milk taste. ZERO goat milk aroma. ZERO milk aroma - POOR mouthfeel for an instant milk powder. NOT CREAMY at all. - Advantage : Suitable for those who cannot tolerate goaty smell in milk. Only 1 gram Cholesterol. ZERO folic acid. - FEELS LIKE DRINKING A REGULAR NON FLAVORED, PROTEIN POWDER MIXED WITH WATER. NOT SPECTACULAR AT ALL. Meyenberg Instant Goat Milk Powder - Yellow Powder. Not as finely textured as Mt.Capra's Instant Goat Milk. - Gives an obvious goaty aroma and milky aroma - BAD mixability ( shaker is necessary to avoid clumps ) - GOOD for those wants and enjoys a goaty aroma in their milk - NOT CREAMY as advertised. - POOR mouthfeel Conclusion: Both companies could not get the formulation right. So here is my secret to getting it right. Buy a can of Meyenberg and buy one can Mt. Capra MINERAL WHEY. Mix both cans into a larger empty jar. Shake well to make sure both powder mix together well. This is the secret combination that gives us consumers a wonderful, creamy and golden caramel tasting powdered goats milk.


Easy to digest

Reviewer1103521により Dec 21, 2009 に掲載

I am pleased to find this product. I love goat milk, but not the price tag that comes along with it. This product has a very mild taste and mixes well in a shaker cup. I get amino acids, protein and calcium in this product. Great!


Very Good

Reviewer2295564により Apr 21, 2009 に掲載

This is a very good product. I have used many protein supplements and I like this one more than all the others. It can have a very slight aftertaste depending on what you mix it with. I mix mine with oat milk or apple juice and cannot taste any goat flavor at all. I give it to my son who is 13 and he has never complained about it (believe me if he could taste it he would complain). The only time I could taste it was when I mixed it with water. It causes me no gastric upset and it gives me the protein boost I need.


Mt. Capra, Caprotein, Premium Goat-Milk Protein

Reviewer3156375により Nov 18, 2008 に掲載

Highly digestable, good flavor, mixes well with liquids. I am making this a regular purchase.


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