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You MUST take vit K2 if taking calcium and/or vit D

Reviewer3281955により Nov 12, 2013 に掲載

Taking calcium supplements without K2 can improve bone strength, but it will also INCREASE THE RISK OF HEART DISEASE because only some of the calcium is deposited in the bones, where it is needed. Some of it is expelled via urine (which is why mainstream doctors recommend such high daily amounts of it) but the rest--dangerously--is packed around organs, where it does not belong and where it will do you harm. If deposited around the heart, it will increase your risk of heart disease; if deposited around the kidneys, it will increase the risk of kidney stones; if around the gallbladder, the risk of gallstones, etc. So you need to (1) take K2, which will deposit the calcium in your bones, where it belongs; (2) make sure you get enough D3 (from the sun whenever possible, then from supplements at other times), because it works synergistically and it will help your body absorb the calcium you ingest, whether from the diet or from a pill; and (3) reduce any calcium supplements you take, because once you have enough K2 and D3 your body will be able to use any calcium you ingest (instead of peeing it out and/or packing it around vital organs). You should also make sure you get enough magnesium if taking calcium, just don't take the two together because one blocks the absorption of the other. Happy bone health!


Life Extension, Super K with Advanced K2 Complex

4978645963354799949により Oct 18, 2013 に掲載

I've been taking the above for about 2 years to help calcium that I take to be absorbed. I had been diagnosed with osteopenia awhile back and I recently had a bone density test and was diagnosed as normal. I believe it helped to achieve that diagnosis.


Excellent for bone health

KentuckyWildcatにより Feb 12, 2013 に掲載

I take these to assist my body with bone and teeth health. I previously had a tooth that hurt when I bit down on it (probably a crack in it); after a week on Super K, the tooth stopped hurting and hasn't hurt since.


Plak Removal

Reviewer1725557により Feb 10, 2013 に掲載

I can say that this product has resulted in my teeth having less plak so I can only presume it is doing the same to the arteries. After cutting myself while shaving I can see clearly the blood thinning properties of this supplement. Recommended!


I use this for my face

5536595171908109527により Dec 24, 2013 に掲載

I pop the soft gels and use as a moisturiser for my face or red spots. Works really well!


Why is this product discontinued???

Reviewer2407575により Dec 25, 2015 に掲載

I'm disappointed that iHerb has discontinued carrying this product! I would so much rather buy all my supplements in one place...


Helps avoiding bladder problems when taking as an addition to Calcium products

4743341846803330160により Nov 08, 2013 に掲載

After reading a lot of reviews onk Vitamin K, i decided that this one should work. The reason i needed it is that i started taking calcium and calcium caused significant bladder problems. Some articles said that Vitamin K helps sending Calcium to our bones and teeth rather than letting it deposit in unnecessary parts of the body (as i realized, in my case in my bladder). I started taking Vitamin K first (without calcium) for a week. To prepare myself for a better calcium consumption, then i added calcium - and i could see it worked as i hoped it to do. I didn't have major problems with my bladder. When i felt the bladder became a bit sensitive, i stopped taking calcium and just continued with Vitamin K. This scheme of taking Calcium with Vitamin K proved to be working for me and my family members who had the same problems


Bones and Teeth Protection

Reviewer1080081により Oct 27, 2013 に掲載

I am Amazed to See the Power of the Vitamin K2 (MK7)in protecting Bones and Teeth.After Seeing a Tooth Cavity underneath a Filling on an X-Ray,I have managed to Keep this Cavity on Hold and to Prevent it from expanding for a few Months,thanks to Vitamin K2,I am Impressed with the Action of the K2-This Brand is Perfect as it contains enough MK7 , the long Acting Type of K2


Does the job!

Reviewer2397362により Apr 14, 2014 に掲載

Vitamin K2 works with Vitamin D3 to direct calcium away from arteries and into the bones. This Life Extension brand works very well for me! I recently had a scan of my arteries performed by my doctor and my arteries are clean as a whistle, and I am 53! No plaque in either carotid artery at all! I also have been taking Metagenics fish oils for years too.


Not a good combination

5219752433089629408により Dec 24, 2013 に掲載

Looks superb on paper, but contains barely any of the nutrient that really matters, MK.7. You're much better off eating fresh baby spinach!!!


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