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レビュー | 英語

Pantethine: THE subsititute for crestor

Reviewer2631717により Feb 11, 2015 に掲載

A good friend had high cholesterol and his doc put him on Crestor. Unfortunately, he had a very bad reaction. Within a few days he could no longer swallow, had breathing difficulty, and ended up in emergency 4 times. He suffered from nerve damage so badly that 6 months later he still can't swallow properly - can only eat liquids, and his weight went down over 60lbs. He is only a sad shadow of what he was, but hopefully he'll recover. Nerves take long to heal. Frightened by his experience, we were able to avoid Crestor, and are now taking Pantethine. My doc wanted to prescribe me statins, which is free under our health care. I refused and he is amazed that my bad cholesterol went down and the good one up. Of course I do a healthy diet and lots of omega 3 oil. Maybe Pantethine is also helping? Too bad my doc can't prescribe Pantethine here.


Helps with CFIDS, adrenal fatigue

PurplePegasusにより Feb 10, 2015 に掲載

This gives me some energy. Have many health issues that cause exhaustion, won't work for any other causes but when the adrenal fatigue is the issue.


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Helps with stress

Reviewer1680016により Nov 04, 2014 に掲載

I feel this product has helped me better deal with stress.


excellent for weight loss, adrenal fatigue, heart health

KentuckyWildcatにより Sep 08, 2014 に掲載

I started taking this pantethine to help with lipid metabolism, since I am having trouble losing weight due to possible adrenal fatigue. It has been less than two weeks and I can see some results already! Also, my heart rate has dropped to a more comfortable level without raising my blood pressure. I have read conflicting things, such as 'pantethine is used to make adrenaline', and also 'pantethine lowers adrenaline', so not sure which is true (or maybe both or neither). Taking it hasn't affected my sleep one way or the other.


Can feel a slight lift in energy

phillaにより Dec 30, 2013 に掲載

Pantethine helps your body make Acetyl Coenzyme A, a focal point in the Krebs cycle where lipids get converted to ATP intermediates. This form is said to be better than Pantothenic acid, and in spite of pantethine being more expensive the latter does more for my body than the former. It will also help maintaining or achieving a better blood lipid panel. I like the soft gels and dose is spot-on. I could definetely feel a subtle surge in focused energy (not the jittery caffeine type), while taking one a day. Very happy with jarrow's product line. Since I take single B vitamins (all of them) and maintain my regime carefully, take at least some b spectrum (or equivalent single b's) with it. Checks and balances people.


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5096167084531141575により Dec 06, 2013 に掲載

Has been very important in helping me with a candida blowout that I've dealing with for the last 12 months. Along with Molybdenum the Pantethine breaks down the toxic waste products of the candida. As a result I have have had o back or chest pains for about three weeks now...first time all year.


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kanacaにより Nov 21, 2013 に掲載

I take it with some alphaGPC. The adrenal activation is great. I must have been pretty deficient in B5 because it helps with an overall feeling of wellbeing and vitality.


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AnnaLLにより Apr 25, 2013 に掲載

I am using this as part of my adrenal fatigue regimen.


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Great Ultraviolet Protection, Excellent Treatment for Hypercholesterolemia

HawaiianVikingにより Apr 07, 2013 に掲載

Being a person of Nordic descent in the tropics, I'm constantly exposed to much more intense sunlight than I can safely handle. I wear long sleeves and a hat and sunscreen but, despite best efforts, my skin still burns on occasion. To help my skin cope with the extravagant ultraviolet radiation to which I'm exposed, I tried Jarrow Formulas, Pantethine 450 (together with Now Foods, PABA) and I've found that, while taking this combination, I'm burning significantly less. While I still wear sun protection when outside, my skin is far less red and irritated. My skin has not successfully tanned, but I think that a true, dark tan is something I'm physically incapable of producing. Interestingly, the freckles on my face that I had as a child, which disappeared in my teens and 20s, have now re-appeared, though I'm spending no additional time in the sun; I have to assume that this is the effect of PABA and Pantethine. I also recommended Jarrow Formulas, Pantethine to a family member for hypercholesterolemia; Probably because of this product she no longer has to take statin drugs, so in this case I consider Pantethine to be almost miraculous.


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Reviewer1442423により Jan 25, 2013 に掲載

This is a precursor the Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5). Iused to take 3 grams of Pantothenic Acid (6 X 500g pills) for my acne. Now all I do is take 1 pill of this and the effects on taking away my acne are even better. Plus it lowers cholesterol.


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