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Reviewer2596491により May 17, 2010 に掲載

I have suffered from IBS symptoms for the past five years. I have tried so many products, the most effective being plant enzymes (NOW brand) which helped but I was still having some discomfort and I had to take a lot to feel relief. I bought colon cleanse thinking it would be more of a flush cleanse but was happy to realize it merely regulates your system and can be taken daily. My IBS symptoms have almost completely subsided! I can't believe how much of a difference this product makes. I take it morning and night. It will also regulate your system, and get everything moving. Wonderful product!


The best Colon Cleanse

Reviewer1653759により Jul 04, 2008 に掲載

I take it 1/2 hour before eating and it works really well. When the colon is healthy as it is from taking this product you have so much energy. It is so good for people trying to loose weight because it helps you feel full. This is an excellent product glad I got it!


The Original Colon Cleanse

Reviewer2547700により Jul 06, 2009 に掲載

LUV IT -- This product is by far the best and I will never be without it. It is the only product that give me the sense of contentment...I feel a lot healthier and my stomach is getting flatter and I'm loosing weight steadily, maybe it is because the garbage is getting emptied daily out of my stomach daily.


The Original Colon Cleance by, Health Plus

Reviewer1366094により Nov 23, 2008 に掲載

I ordered this product along with the Renew Life Cleanse, Advanced Detox System for Athletes. I started using this product less than (4) weeks ago. I the first (3) day on the product I experiences 3-4 dowel movements each day. Going into week 2 the amount and size of the bowel movements decreased so I increased the recommended amount per serving and increased water intake by 50% with no visible change in the result. Weeks 3-4 have produced a steady decline in the amount and size of the bowel movements. I would not recommend this product.



Reviewer2712420により Oct 26, 2007 に掲載

This is the best of the colon cleansing fiber products.


Very Pleased

Reviewer2432968により Nov 03, 2007 に掲載

Colon Cleanse has been working great for my wife and me for about a year now. We mix it in a blaster shake in the morning and in a dixie cup with orange juice in the evening before dinner. Great product!!!!


We've been using Colon Cleanse for over 10 years

BJoyceにより Jun 25, 2013 に掲載

We had been taking the name brand and "xxx-mart" brand fibers, but didn't want the sugar or artificial sweeteners in those brands. This is the best fiber. We both use it daily . . . sometimes twice a day. I also add it to whey shakes. If you want the fiber without all the additives you don't want, this is the one for you.


great fiber

Reviewer1458298により Dec 29, 2007 に掲載

I do not recommond anyone to try to drink this because it is too thick. But I mix with orange juice and i eat it. Sound carzy but I do not mind eating it. It does fill me up before a meal and the fiber does help.


Does the job!

Reviewer1812228により Oct 08, 2009 に掲載

I take this primarily for increasing my fiber intake and it does its job. I take it at night with my protein drink and it keeps me and regular.


Not 4 me

Reviewer1664875により Feb 01, 2013 に掲載

It's very hard for me to get the right ratio of powder with water. I usually tolerate all type of products like this well, but not this one. Though I cut the dosage way down and greatly increased the water with it, it still seems to make matters worse! I get stomach distress too. I guess it's not for everyone.


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