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    Dr Mercola Krill oil

    Reviewer3353564により Feb 08, 2013 に掲載

    I have been taking Dr Mercola's Krill oil for several months. It has proved to be of great benefit against the pain of arthritis. If I miss taking it,my pain increases rapidly.


    Mercola's products are good quality

    DoctorMavにより Oct 27, 2012 に掲載

    One thing you can be sure about when you buy Mercola products is that it contains the active ingredient in the claimed dose. My sister-in-law takes this for heart health.


    Absolutely Awesome

    Reviewer1298050により Apr 25, 2012 に掲載

    Fantastic product for overall wellbeing. It astounds me how much this has helped me in many ways. Besides the health benefits of this product another benefit is the price and quality service of iHerb. Living in Australia there are many options for Krill Oil however it is expensive and the dosage is low. Iherb is great for offering Krill at a fantastic price and shows that contributing to a health lifestyle Should not be an expensive experience.


    an enormous help

    5217663121300730460により Mar 14, 2015 に掲載

    I started to take Mercola Krill oil to address arthritic pain in my Left thumb joint, which was stopping me doing anything using that hand. I wanted to use a reputable brand, and chose Mercola to try because I like his website. I take 2 per day and the pain had gone within a few days; I do take other supplements, and avoid the solanum family, but was still having trouble. But what they did help with also was sleep - amazing, and lovely; I had given up on that one. So I suspect I will be taking them for some time, regardless of their somewhat large price, while I can afford to.


    good value

    4658155742758812076により Dec 05, 2013 に掲載

    I like Dr. Mercola's krill oil. According to Dr. Mercola you should not refrigerate this productor put in the freezer.


    Great product - too expensive

    Reviewer1967886により Feb 23, 2015 に掲載

    I have used this product for years and loved it. However, it has gone up in price by 30% since last September. That is a $30 increase in 5 months. I failed to notice that it went up in January when I reordered, but it has increase $4 since January. I will try a different product now.



    Reviewer2177198により Apr 28, 2015 に掲載

    A couple of years ago the product had leaking caplets. They will refund if this happens, even for o/s customers, and you don't have to return bottle. Lately my orders have been ok. 2013. I choose this brand because of the added astaxanthin for youthful skin and caplets are a superior delivery system. I take 2 krill and 30 mls. of coconut oil for a great brain support combo. As Dr Oz says, We are fat heads. Our brains need good fats.


    Very unsatisfied

    Reviewer1422186により Jun 05, 2013 に掲載

    I was very unsatisfied with this product. This was my first Mercola product I've tried and will be my last. My main complaint was that this gave me abdominal discomfort every time I used it. I did stop one week to wait and try it again. And again the discomfort continued. I had never tried krill oil before either so I'm unsure if it's krill oil in general that give me this discomfort or its this particular brand. But for the amount of money I paid for this product, I have to give it a low rating and would not recommend it to anyone.


    Healthy omegas

    Reviewer2814692により Feb 04, 2013 に掲載

    We live in a cold weather and this krill oil helps our brain to work and think and smile:)


    Misleading dosages

    Reviewer2205247により Jun 11, 2014 に掲載

    Product looks fresh, I have not started taking it. However, I was disappointed that the 1000 mg dose was listed by "serving" not "capsule" size, i.e., a serving of 1000 mg is 2 capsules, not the 1 I've been taking from another brand. I buy from overseas, and if I don't catch these discrepancies, it can cost me money when I under order a product, as I did with this one. I will update review if anything interesting happens when I start taking them.


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