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I think it worked... no sign of IBS anymore.

Reviewer2732177により May 08, 2014 に掲載

I ordered this product after reading about soil born organisms as probiotics on the Animal Pharm blog, but was waiting to see reviews before I tried it. No reviews! Eventually I found the abstract of a small study that showed when these three organisms were given to people after major abdominal surgery, there was an infection rate of 3% compared to 48% in the control group. That's what I was waiting to hear, as, having gastritis, I was not eager to drop spore forming, antibiotic resistant organisms into my poor stomach without knowing how other users fared. Years of horrible IBS - I couldn't eat an apple without getting cramps like a knife in the gut, followed by osmotic diarrhea. All fruit was off the menu, and many other foods as well(the FODMAPS diet works, but doesn't effect a permanent change). So, eventually I tried this probiotic. Very carefully, always on an empty stomach, waiting an hour before eating, and then eating plenty of fresh green veges. Two weeks later, and things are different... I find I can now eat fruit the way I could before the IBS. Apples, watermelon, paw paw, great big bowls of fruit salad. No cramps, no running to the bathroom. And enormous bowls of carrot soup, that would have caused all sorts of grief previously. I understand that the three organisms in this product are not transients, and support each other's growth. I don't know yet if the lack of symptoms is permanent, but I have stopped taking the probiotic and will start again if symptoms return. It seems that this one works!!! And there have been no ill effects of any kind, either.


Surprisingly helped me with fatigue issues

Reviewer2893755により Jan 31, 2015 に掲載

I also learned about AOR from Animal Pharm. I have been taking these since August. I also take Threelac and beta glucan. But this one was the first I took that changed my health dramatically. I have celiacs disease and have always had fatigue issues- even as a kid. I tried everything for the past 2 years to boost energy and nothing really worked. I decided to take this probiotic figuring it was good for me since I have celiacs disease. I was not taking this as a cure to my fatigue, but to my surprise by the time I finished the first bottle, my brain turned on!! And out of nowhere I had energy! What a nice surprise! I now suspect I had bad gut bugs that were robbing me of energy and giving me brain fog! I would have never thought that was my issue! The energy kicked in at the end of my first bottle. I took 2 to 3 per day with that first bottle. The energy lasted a few days and then seemed to decline, so I reordered and with the first day of taking the energy returned! I'm still taking these 6 months later and I'm still feeling great. But I found adding beta glucan and Threelac actually improved my results and that I need all 3 to really feel my best. P.S. I didn't have GI upset or symptoms like that beforehand so I can't speak to that. My main symptom that improved was brain fog. I constantly had brainfog but specifically would get major brainfog from milk and eggs. Now since taking these I no longer get brain fog. I haven't had brain fog for 6 months. So this review is for those of you out there suffering brain fog or fatigue issues that you think might be triggered by food. Oh, one more thing. I was on the fence about taking these at first but when I read an article in the daily mail that clostridia bacteria reverses peanut allergy I went for it! And though I still can't eat gluten, I can eat everything else and I feel great. And heads up, when I fist started these they upset my tummy, but that resolved within a few days. I think they were just killing all the bad guys in my gut ! ;-)


Cured my ulcer

5207641653120723890により May 15, 2015 に掲載

I suffered burning from an ulcer and was taking antacids after every meal.I read a study stating that Clostridium Butytricis killed Heliobacter phylori the main cause of stomach ulcers. I took these for a week and experienced mild stomach distress but it stopped the burning. After allowing 5 weeks for the ulcer to heal by drinking aloe juice and taking dgl I have had no problems since. I also drink lifeway kefir to help maintain the flora balance. I feel that it has more beneficial bacteria than yogurt.


Unsure About Viability?

Reviewer3200678により Jan 25, 2015 に掲載

I live in Australia and I'm concerned about the shipping temps, including storage temp. How do I ensure my probiotics are viable, especially when buying from overseas???


More energy and my mood has improved

FightingFatigueにより Apr 24, 2016 に掲載

I bought this because I had read that butyrate has a lot of health benefits - everything from weight loss and body composition to healing leaky gut and feeling warmer. I didn't expect to get such immediate benefits. I suddenly have lots more energy and feel happier. It's been about 2 weeks and my gut is much happier. It's not all the way there yet as some foods still trigger reactions but my gut is much calmer and I've been able to quit the digestive enzymes to give my body a break from them. I will re-start the enzymes in a couple of weeks to see if that makes these probiotics even better. I have tried a lot of other probiotics and had only very minor improvements. These probiotics and the butyric acid are amazing! The directions say to take between meals but as most probiotics need food to work on I mainly take these with food - especially meals containing prebiotic material eg fibre, green vegetables or berries.


Considered the best probiotic available

5110002624458525644により May 05, 2016 に掲載

I've read in several "gut health" sources that this is the best, and it works well for me to help keep candida in balance


noticed nothing different

5024275556516164367により May 11, 2016 に掲載

Seemed to have made no difference at all, had my hopes up for this one :(


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