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I love the North American Oil of Oreganol P73

Reviewer1479394により Sep 15, 2010 に掲載

This oil does so many wonderful things for me. It can cure the regular migraine. Mixed with virgn olive oil it is wonderful on aches and pains. My son even used it to cure a stubborn cold sore.


NA Oregano P 73

Reviewer2115226により Oct 17, 2010 に掲載

If you do not have this in your medicine cabinet you should. It is great for coughing up bronchitis and also essential for yeast infections.


Always good

Reviewer1500981により Oct 29, 2010 に掲載

This product has long proven its worth and utility. Excellent immune-enhancing properties. I take it whenever people around me are getting colds or flus. Or before and during plane flights. It works wonders. I've had good results from North American Herb & Spice Company's Oreganol product.


nature's gift

Reviewer3334205により Jul 30, 2012 に掲載

i started my 3yo on this 2 months ago. she's been down with a bug every 2 wks ever since she started preschool, causing her to miss school about half the time (attendance barely 50%). she still falls sick from time to time, but i've noticed that they have been milder and shorter; her attendance in school over the past 4 wks has improved to about 80%. she takes one drop in a small capful of milk every morning. some protests in the beginning because of the spiciness but she's gotten very used to it now.


Simply The Best

Reviewer2431434により Sep 28, 2012 に掲載

Oreganol P73 is simply the best oil of oregano on the market. It comes from wild sources in mountains of Turkey and is not grown on farms. Everyone should have oil of oregano in the medicine cabinet. Do yourself a favor and buy the book, The Cure Is In The Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram. He explains the dozens of cures and uses of this amazing healing oil. I take 2-3 drops under my tongue daily for keeping my immune system strong and also use one drop in water to kill the bacteria on my toothbrush. This amazing, God given oil kills viruses and bacteria!



Reviewer2894352により Jul 15, 2009 に掲載

Best oregano around. It is fantastic for curing sinus infections and colds. Love it!


Just what the Dr. ordered!

Reviewer3290966により May 02, 2011 に掲載

I do a lot of natural medicine for my family. This stuff is like no other for wounds. Beats the heck out of neosporin! I also use it in my NeilMed nasal rinse every morning. One drop of this plus one drop of eucalyptus oil in with the usual 8 oz of saline - NO sinus infections or colds at all. This price is also almost 1/2 of what you'll pay at Whole Foods.


LOVE this stuff.

Reviewer2542126により Feb 02, 2012 に掲載

My mother-in-law turned me onto this a couple of years ago, and there's not an immune booster or nasty chaser away-er out there. Three drops a day - good for what ails you!


everybody has to have it at home

5717917318287822270により Jun 24, 2013 に掲載

Very useful product. I used it to fight an candida and it's very helpful. More than that, after self reading in internet, I have found that this product is very helpful in fighting of all kinds of viral infections and flue and I used it for all members of my family starting with my young daughter and ending my mom.


Seems a good parasite and fungal product

Reviewer2296204により Nov 22, 2010 に掲載

Using as part of my two months fungal and parasite protocol. I've only been on this for 2 weeks but seems a good product, which I had shipped to me in the UK.


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