Green Medica, GPC, Mind-Body Power for Active Living and Healthy Aging, Parris M. Kidd, PhD, 113 Pages, Paper-Back Book (Discontinued Item)
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Green Medica, GPC, Mind-Body Power for Active Living and Healthy Aging, Parris M. Kidd, PhD, 113 Pages, Paper-Back Book (Discontinued Item)

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  • (GlyceroPhosphoCholine)
  • The Vital Nutrient for Survival
  • Parris M. Kidd, PhD
  • Total Health Management Series No. 2


Foreword by Lyle Hurd, Publisher

About the Author; Acknowledgements

Glossary of Technical Terms

Introduction by Neil Hirschenbein, MD, PhD

1. GPC, Vital Nutrient for Mind and Body
GPC Has Many Clinically Proven Benefits
A Safe and Effective Orthomolecular Supplement
A Vital Lipid for Survival
GPC Works Together with Total Health Management

2. Sharpens the Young Healthy Brain
First Double-Blind Trial: Improved Attention and Recall
Second Double-Blind Trial: GPC Proves Superior
How GPC Could Boost the Already Healthy Brain

3. Boosts Brain Vitality at Middle Age
GPC Improves the Physiology of Brain Functions
Supports Natural Growth Hormone Release
Slows Aging of the Rat Brain
GPC Supports Cell Mechanisms for Brain Vitality

4. Helps Elderly Resist Mental Decline
The Daily Nightmare That is Dementia
GPC is Well Researched Against Mental Decline
GPC Supports Total Health Management
Preventable Risk Factors for Dementia

5. GPC Improves Stroke Recovery
Stroke, Runaway Brain Killer
What Happens During a Stroke
Physicians Assess GPC Benefits 2,997 Stroke Patients
Using GPC Toward Effective Stroke Management
Preventable Risk Factors for Stroke

6. Real Benefits Against Brain Trauma
GPC Can Partially Reverse Surgical Brain Damage
Success With GPC Against Traumatic Brain Injury
Protects Brain Injury Recovery in Animal Experiments
GPC May Help the Human Brain Repair Itself

7. How GPC Links Mind and Body
Excellent Dietary Source of Essential Nutrient Choline
An Excellent Body Reserve for AcetylCholine
GPC is a Unique Osmotic Protectant
Convenient Membrane Building Block for All Cells
Possible GPC Deficiency States in Humans
Supports Sperm Production and the Fertilization Process
A World of Activity in One Nutrient

8. GPC and Total Health Management
The "Structure and Function" Claims for GPC
GPC is Safe and Well Tolerated
How to Take GPC for Best Results
Total Health Management Will Amplify GPC's Benefits
The Top Ten Practices of Total Health Management

9. GPC Has Something for Everyone
For Active Living, GPC "Slows the Ball Down"
A Survival Nutrient for Healthy Aging
Likely Value for Autistic Children
GPC, Mind-Body Nutrient From Youth to Old Age

Scientific References in the Text
Appendix: Trials with Injected GPC
Indications for GPC as Injectable
Pharmacokinetics in Healthy Subjects
Stroke Trials
Cognitive Decline Trials
Growth Hormone Potentiation
Brain Injury Trials
Closing Comments

The Future of Phospholipids as Dietary Supplements by Peter Rohde, CEO, Science & Ingredients

Total Health Communications, Inc.
ISBN 978-0-9793979-0-5


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